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Gal Gadot's red carpet loveliness should fulfull expectations

03.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's an odd thing, having to point out that Wonder Woman desperately needs a Wonderbra. That's like saying Aquaman needs a pair of board shorts. Historically, those are two articles of clothing that neither hero needed, but much like the hype surrounding Batman V Superman, her rack has to be artificially inflated. Also like Zack Snyder's latest disappointment, that won't keep people from looking at them and wondering how much better they could be with just the right amount of finesses – the parallels are never-ending. Visually, Gal Gadot is very pleasing to the eye, but there's nothing in her body of work that suggested she was capable of bringing any kind of gravitas to the titular character. That's definitely one sexy dress she wore to the London premiere; I'll give her that. But only time will tell if her capacity for producing beautiful red carpet images will translate into a successful franchise being built around her; this is a rocky start.

In the interest of fairness; I am basing my assertions on tepid critical response (5/10 on Joblo 30 to 40% on Rotten Tomatoes) and not my own personal viewing experience. While some may argue it's not wise to assume (movies are subjective), I have seen enough/every one of Zack Snyder's previous efforts to safely assume the harsh criticisms will probably align with my own.

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