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Gal Gadot turned on the charm for her SDCC Wonder Woman panel

07.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was a great year for those at San Diego's famous Comic Con, especially for those of us who have grown accustomed to having our comic book movie desires delivered on fancy little platters. I recall a few years back, all the way back to 2007, it was Robert Downey Jr's IRON MAN moment that blew fans off their feet, hoping to finally see the onset of great comic book adaptations come to light and boy, oh boy, have they.

From the panels for the upcoming Marvel films (DOCTOR STRANGE being but one) to the giddy expressions and gestures from our Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, it was a good time to be a geek. Then again, it's been a geek's world at the movies for the past 10 years now, if we're being honest. We're getting everything we've ever asked for or dreamed of or didn't realize we'd dreamed of but look, we're dreaming of it now. (Did any of you really think that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY would turn out to be as huge as it was?)

As far as Gadot is concerned, while I might still wiggle and make a little scrunchy face when I debate if she's really built like an Amazonian woman, I can't deny that her enthusiasm for the role is infectious. Gadot was bubbly at her panel, excited to have a vehicle devoted solely to her heroine after marking her debut in the role in this year's BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. "Many times, it felt like we got signs from the universe. It felt like we were just a vessel for a greater story that we need to share with everyone. It isn't about me as an actress or Patty as a director. It felt like, now is the time," she explained to the crowd, alluding to the years of failed WW movie attempts.

With Jenkins at the wheel (she directed the gritty film MONSTER, which delivered an Oscar for Charlize Theron), I get the feeling that we're not just going to be seeing Gadot rescue Chris Pine and make goo-goo eyes at the Captain. I have hope, which is a rare commodity these days.


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