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Gal Gadot takes a stroll down Awesome Street in her underwear

04.22.2016by: Droz

My first thought, after looking at these pics of Gal Gadot's pics for Castro lingerie, was that it's too bad there isn't an actual sidewalk with hot models strolling down it in their underwear. But then came the inevitable realization that such a sidewalk is an impossibility - not just because of laws and practicality, but also the inevitability of having people you wouldn't want to see in their underwear using this sidewalk. Such a sidewalk would also be a full on relationship killer. Just try to keep things between you and your SO on good terms while the both of you are being barraged with perfect people all around you. Yeah, we'll never see this in real life. However, it is a nice excuse to get Wonder Woman in her underwear. I still have a little trouble thinking of Gal as WW. Not to suggest that she didn't do a good job in the role. I thought she did fine. I'm just stuck in the past, I guess. My mental image of that character is totally different and we haven't seen enough of her in the role to change that image just yet. Maybe the next movie will help.

Source: GotCeleb


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