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Gal Gadot looks like a leggy Liberace for the Batman vs. Superman premiere

03.21.2016by: Droz

It's not often I'm able to envision something pertaining to Liberace and still entertain notions of hotness. Although now that I've mentioned him, certain unpleasant recollections of that Matt Damon movie are beginning to bring up a bile in my throat. Best to keep my eye on the Gal Gadot prize and ignore her Liberace-esque garb at the big BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN premiere. What a cutie she is, which is kind of a switch from the look of her as Wonder Woman:

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

They've definitely infused her with an "I'll kick your ass" look in that getup. It's my hope Gal can also pull off the same impression as a walking, talking character. I'm sure she can. She had that kind of confidence in the FAST & FURIOUS movies. No reason why she couldn't manage it again as Wonder Woman. Anyway, I'm sure just being a character like her infuses one with a certain immediate confidence. Kinda like putting on a Batman suit or something equivalent for a guy. You look at yourself in that suit and think "now I am The Dark Knight. Someone give me a ledge to jump off of."

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