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Gabrielle Union was the essence of beauty at New York's Fashion Week

09.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I was watching that new talk show with Ice-T and his wife Coco and Ice was talking about how people still can't guess his age and his explanation was as simple and you would expect from the rapper/actor. "Black don't crack." This seems to be the case with the lovely Gabrielle Union, who is set to turn 43 this upcoming October, although she can easily pass for at least a decade younger. Heck, she already did when she appeared in BRING IT ON, when she was the 27-year old high school cheerleader. Union was in New York for their annual fashion week, being given an award from Essence magazine for her long-standing reputation as a fashionable diva. The award they gave her was called the "Closet Crush," but I'm not shy about admitting that I've had a girl crush on Gabby for years. She's sexy, she's smart and she's funny. Why we don't see more of her in mainstream movies is beyond me.
Source: InStyle


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