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Gabrielle Union is clearly one of the immortals

04.01.2016by: Droz

I have some questions for Gabrielle Union, seen here at the premiere for HBO's Confirmation TV movie, looking adorably hot at 44-years-old and completely untouched. For instance - what is it like to be a handful of years away from the senior menu at Dennys, yet still fully capable of stepping onto a high school campus and being mistaken for a student? Is she annoyed at getting carded, despite being of legal drinking age since before Kurt Cobain died? And just how trippy is it to wake up in the morning and see your 20-something self in the mirror almost three decades on? See, I don't have these sorts of things in my life. I was the kid who everyone assumed was a narc back in high school, because as a freshman I looked more adult than most seniors. That advanced aging thing has only continued into my 30s. So being perpetually stuck at such a young-looking state is infinitely fascinating to me. I think this is more than a mere "black don't crack" thing. Girl drank some kind of magical potion or something. I wanna know where I can get some of that.

Source: Celeb Slam


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