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FSM Sex Bonanza

07.04.2008by: Seth Gecko

Could there honestly be a better way to enjoy the July 4th holiday than sitting down in front of your computer and watching two of the hottest actresses in Hollywood perform sexual acts on guys when you know for a fact that you'll probably never even get to look at either of them, let alone perform sexual acts with them? I apologize for the long-winded question but it's a very important one as Hollywood loves to toss this stuff in our face all the time these days. However, many of us are probably dating better looking and more normal women than your average Hollywood type so I guess we shouldn't complain (some of us anyway).

So lets get back to the hot babes banging lucky MF's as we finally have some high-quality clips featuring both Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis doing the nasty in the recent Judd Apatow production, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". I don't care if these scenes were faked because both Mila and Kristen make them look almost too real with their performances. So check out the clips below and enjoy (or hate) the rest of your day. Cheers!


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