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Friday is good time for huge boobs, so enjoy a bunch of Charlotte McKinney

04.24.2015by: Droz

What better way to celebrate the upcoming weekend than to indulge in a big old helping of the current big titty du jour otherwise known as Charlotte McKinney? Most of these are older pics of the blonde sensation, dating back before she went worldwide thanks to her burger boost. That lesser known status was probably why she was more willing to disturb grumpy Asian ladies with her huge tits or literally hang out at bus stops in delicate lingerie. I don't think she'd be up for that nowadays, what with her high profile modelling gigs and TV show appearances. The titties look just as good though, especially in that last set, which has a very Sports Illustrated Swimsuit look about it. SI is down a big titty blonde, now that Charlotte's frequently compared to doppelganger Ms. Upton has apparently moved on from their publication. Wouldn't surprise me if they brought in Charlotte to fill that vacancy next year. I'm sure she'd do a fine job there.

As good as she looks in these pics, Charlotte is even better in motion. Check out this montage of her recent marine-themed photoshoot for proof of that.

Source: NSFW


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