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Friday brings you a dose of lust & envy with Nina Dobrev partying on a yacht

07.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

If there ever was a more perfect example of how being young, rich and gorgeous is the way you should be living your life, it's Nina Dobrev partying on a yacht in St. Tropez. Earlier in the week we saw Nina in a hot pink bikini, surrounded by a bunch of equally young, hot and fit beautiful friends. Outfitted in a super sexy black one-piece only a day later, Dobrev looked completely at ease as she took to a giant water slide that descended from the yacht, perhaps because she has a background in gymnastics and fears not the bitch that gravity tends to be in the lives of lesser human beings. I shouldn't knock her too much but I envy her so. She's a gorgeous chick who isn't full of herself and even though all of this opulence is staggering, you can't really hate on her for it when she smiles as sweetly as she does. 

Source: Yahoo


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