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Frida Aasen is a tasty new addition to our stable of lingerie models

04.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There's something about those Nordic beauties. Norwegian born model Frida Aasen is proof that something sexy other than a-ha's "Take on Me" has been released from the country. The leggy blonde is featured in the Spring 2016 collection for the fashion company For Love & Lemons, although not unsurprisingly she's also been picked as a model for the PINK line of undergarments and sportswear over at Victoria's Secret. Aasen is 21, 5'9" and was discovered in a shopping mall when she was just a teenager. I know this probably isn't the first time that I should have heard about her but it's the first time that she's being featured on this site. And I wouldn't mind having more opportunities to post about her in the future. 


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