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Frida Aasen is a high-caliber model in high-priced lingerie

05.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

If you're going to sell delicate brassieres together with matching panties at a couple hundred dollars a pop, only a top shelf model, carefully selected to properly showcase them, will do. Her name may not be broadly recognized but make no mistake about it, Frida Aasen is a hottie of the highest caliber. The Norwegian fashion model's newly minted collaboration with For Love and Lemons is a masterwork of seductive bravado. It's easier to turn what would normally be your run-of-the-mill catalog shoot into a sexy experience worthy of remembrance when a model assembled like Frida is in front of the lens. Hers is a body designed to stand out. I can only imagine how many pitched tents were in the studio while this provocateur was doing her thing. You can't blame anyone for losing a little bit of control around a half naked Frida Aesen, that would mean you're suffering from an incurable case of erectile dysfunction.


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