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It's nice to meet Frida Aasen, especially in her underwear

08.06.2015by: No Cool Handle

Okay so maybe some of you already are familiar with her, but this is my first time laying eyes on Frida Aasen, and I must say she made a hell of a first impression. Is this how they breed them in Norway - or to be more specific Kristiansand? Yeah I've have never heard of that place either, so being the ignorant American I am I'll just assume that there's not much to do there but breed babes like her. This photo shoot by Keiichiro Nakajima for Twelve magazine exemplifies what a tight body really looks like; photographing her in various combinations of clothing, skin and undergarments. The standout shot for me though is the one of her wearing skintight jeans and a suds top. If you think that sounds awesome - hurry up and scroll down because it looks even better.


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