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French hottie Anais Pouliot really pops in this sexy mega-spread

08.24.2015by: Droz

Correction: It seems this was incorrectly represented as Adele Exarchopoulos, but it's actually model Anais Pouliot. They're pretty easy to confuse. My mistake though.


Anais is modelling some elegant yet sexy stuff in Pop Magazine this month. Being French gives Anais a certain automatic sex appeal, but she amps that up with all sorts of amazing features. Look at that face, those lips, those eyes. She's something special. The rest of her I think speaks for itself here. She's one exceptional hottie. I don't know how these French women manage to be so damn perfect in every way, but they really are. I wonder if they take them aside in middle school and teach them some secret hottie wisdom passed down from ancient times. Wouldn't surprise me if that were so.

Extra Tidbit: anais pouliot
Source: Pop Magazine


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