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Francesca Eastwood takes after her dad in no way whatsoever

03.31.2017by: Droz

I suppose I can't say for certain Francesca Eastwood doesn't have some of her dad's traits, since I don't know her. Could be she'd be excellent at cleaning up the streets of San Francisco with her .44 Magnum in hand. Yet if all you had to go on to determine her traits were these pics of her having a little swim on a Malibu beach, the gap between father and daughter becomes fairly clear. For instance, when I think of Clint Eastwood I think about guns, jazz music on pianos, orangutans, guns, craggy faces, cowboys in border towns, and guns. Nowhere in there do breast implants, hot asses, gratuitous topless shots, or somewhat uncanny similarities to Amanda Seyfried enter into the picture. So yeah, there have probably been some tense Christmases at the old Eastwood house. Not that any of this matters. Girl looks great in a bikini. That's good enough for me.

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