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Fox Pirate Mermaid?

05.31.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Once again, another one of those rumours coming out of the ashes of Megan Fox leaving the set of TRANSFORMERS 3 has the actress now potentially attached to joining the PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN fourth installment. Sources close to Fox (which you know is double talk for some third cousin making shit up in order to get $50 for spilling false info just so the tabloids that something to report and not be blamed for blatantly making shit up) say that the character she'd reportedly be playing for POTC4 would be a mermaid who seduces Captain Jack.

Well shit... wait until Megan hears about that so she can start bitching that people keep comparing her to Angelina Jolie by making vague references to how Jolie is filming with Depp and... honestly, does anyone really care about this anymore? I'm falling asleep as I write this just thinking about the whole mess. I say more Zoe Saldana if they're going to be adding more hotness to the PIRATES endeavor.

Extra Tidbit: I think Megan was ABYSMAL in HTLF&AP. Worst I've ever see her try and act.
Source: Showbiz Spy


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