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Former WWE hottie Kelly Kelly keeps her ass in mat-slamming condition

02.28.2017by: No Cool Handle

Former WWE diva Kelly Kelly – a.k.a. Barbara Jean; a.k.a. Barbie Blank; a.k.a. a hottie free to put me in a "headscissors" hold (basically, that's the maneuver where your opponent chokes you out by wrapping their thighs around your head and neck) – spent some time on Miami Beach showing off her exquisite ass. She hasn't stepped foot in the ring for years now, yet, has kept her body finely tuned; not a bad idea in case the opportunity to return for one more SmackDown presents itself. The physically fit blonde said there is a possibility fans will see her signing autographs at Wrestlemania 33 this April – "and maybe something else." The enduring popularity of watching people fake an ass beating is amazing, even though I don't get the appeal. I wouldn't mind 20 minutes of Kelly Kelly's hard ass ricocheting off ropes and getting slammed to the mat, though. Especially if there's a chance of a fortuitous wardrobe malfunction amidst all the grabbing, tugging and pulling.

Source: NS4W


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