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Former Miss Great Britain, Zara Holland, nabs the pink bikini crown

07.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
What is up with these British babes? Not only is it confounding, trying to figure out why so many of them are (naturally) incredibly well endowed, there also seems to be a bit of an uptick in trashy USA-type behaviour from them. Zara Holland was ousted from her seat at Miss Great Britain when she appeared earlier in the year on a UK reality show called "Love Island" and was filmed trotting off to have a go with another (male) "contestant." Those types of shows have baffled me... well, their popularity has baffled me... well, shit. I'm not one to say that a lady isn't allowed to enjoy sex or even flaunt that she's having it or enjoying it, and I'm certainly not saying that beauty pageant winners should be held to some asexual expectations, I just, well... she looks good in a bikini. Far healthier with her proportions than some and if I could buy the world a NetFlix account, preloaded with everything better for them to watch then I would. Except that would be awful. Where's the Lego theme song about everything being awful? Man, this post derailed quickly.
Source: The Sun


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