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Forget the award show, give us the Golden Globes afterparty babes

01.12.2015by: Droz

Yet another big award show. Lots of stars in their fancy dresses. A little skin here and there, some funny moments, some uncomfortable moments, some longwinded acceptance speeches. Typical award show experience. They really are getting formulaic with these things. Once again it was the after parties where things got interesting, at least for me. Not so much of a stage there that the stars need to perform on. Also a much more broad selection of hotties at these events, which are open to nominees and non-nominees alike. No matter if they've won or lost, the after party is the place to get loaded and let off some steam. They had a shitload of hotties at the parties this year - way too many for me and my lazy ass to list. So instead, I'm picking 3 of the most interesting from the crowd. First up is the curvy delight that is Hilary Duff making with the nicely low cut titty dress. We've tended to focus a lot on her ass tendencies in recent months, so it's nice to get a good gander at her reverse angle.

Then you got Selena Gomez getting a little up close and personal with her "good friend," model and alleged evangelical lesbian Cara Delevingne. I say evangelical because it's been surmised that her goal is to personally extoll the virtues of a rug-munching lifestyle to as many a vulnerable and bi-curious hottie as she can find. You might remember how close she and Selena became, both in a literal and figurative sense, while vacationing on a yacht in the Italian Riviera. That was around the time Selena was having all those issues with Bieber. Looks to me like Cara might have sold Selena on the rewards of a feminist perspective. Allegedly.

Last but in no way least comes my current dream girl, the stunning Miss Daddario. Her inclusion in this small collection needs no explanation. Very nice. Overall, it was a pretty good year for Golden Globe hotties. I've seen at lot worse showings and a few better ones, but these beautiful ladies always manage to make these award things worthwhile.


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