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Forget Lindsay Lohan, Anne Vyalitsyna has the primo freckled bosom to ogle

08.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
You would think that I would be more familiarized with Anne Vyalitsyna. The Russian-American model has had her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ticket stamped for 10 consecutive years, making her one of the most featured models in the magazine's special edition of recent years. But sadly, I've seen more coverage of Lindsay Lohan and her special brand of madness. Sure, she started out as a child actor and was super hot once upon a time but she's been more well known for her bullshit than her successes lately and isn't Anne's freckled bosom so much nicer to look at in the September issue of Maxim anyhow? Hell, I'd pay money to see this lovely pretend to drive a possessed car. Or have a minor flirtation with lesbianism. That might not be the case, considering that Vyalitsyna is engaged to a Yahoo executive with whom she has a 1-year old daughter. One year after giving birth to a human being, Anne looks this amazing. One year after LiLo eats a burrito and we're still smelling the farts.
Source: Saw First


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