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For the love of Charlotte McKinney's melons, here's her new lingerie shoot

12.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Let's hear it from Charlotte McKinney herself regarding those bizarre rumours that she's undergone a breast reduction in recent weeks.

There's been a couple of weird rumours about my boobs. The other day I went to a GQ event, and everyone was like, 'She got a breast reduction!'" Charlotte told the New York Post. "But, no, I've just lost the puffiness. My boobs got smaller naturally."

The release of this For Love & Lemons photoshoot has inspired McKinney to divulge exactly what has lead to the change in her famous body parts. "I don't eat red meat anymore. I've cut out gluten, dairy and have changed my eating habits. I feel great. It wasn't so much about weight. Back then, I was eating lots of food and then crash-dieting."

Grrrrrrreat. Now I'm worried that Char is going to go in that ultra-skinny direction that other celebrities previously well known for being well-endowed have. While I love Amanda Seyfried and her bravery in role choices, I've been vocal about the fact that it was nice to see her as a softer, more womanly actress who didn't need to get too "Hollywood" to still be appreciated. With Charlotte looking to gain traction as an actress, I'm thinking that this change to her eating habits is tantamount to killing the modeling career where she got her start. And besides... gluten is yummy. Animals are yummy. Boobs are delicious.

Source: NY Post


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