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For some reason Love magazine is still making advent calendar videos

01.04.2017by: Droz

I don't know if LOVE is simply not aware that most advent calendars stop at Christmas, or if they just had an excess of hotties wanting to do videos for their yearly holiday celebrations. All I can say here is that they're still going strong with these a full 10 days past Christmas by relabeling them as "bonus" advent days. Hey, I'm not complaining. If they want to stretch the pretense of spreading holiday cheer out a little further to pack in some extra model goodness into their already impressive collection of hot model goodness, I'm all for it. The latest batch of sexy video spreads and classic movie tributes comes to us from SI Swimsuit models Rose Bertram and Hannah Ferguson - two of my favorites. There's also a little bath time fun with Daisy Lowe, who manages to slip her fine, round ass out of her bathing suit at one point. I really have to hand it to LOVE and all their exciting hottie gets for making my usual holiday malaise just a little cheerier in 2016. Every little bit helps.

Source: YouTube


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