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Face-Off: Selene (Underworld) vs Jessica (True Blood)

01.20.2012by: Droz

There is a long history of male vampire icons who beguile with their hypnotic charms and kill with merciless abandon. Yet there has been a relatively poor representation of ladies functioning in that vein. Sure, you get a smattering here and there of the female Nosferatu, though mostly as side characters who are often short lived and subservient to their male counterparts.

With the arrival of a new UNDERWORLD movie this week, it seemed like a good opportunity to examine a couple of the more deadly variety of hot female immortals - UNDERWORLD's Selene and True Blood's Jessica Hamby - to see how they rate as fanged feminine bloodsuckers and to settle the question of which vampire babe is the most sexy and deadly of their breed.


Played by actress Kate Beckinsale, Selene has an amazing face with those pouty lips and deep brown eyes that turn an icy blue when she's aroused. Whether it's that determined, forceful stare or the savage vampire war face, there has always been something about Selene that makes Kate's face even more amazing than it already is.

There are also some amazing things to behold in actress Deborah Ann Woll when she's sprouting fangs and savaging some poor soul. With her big blue eyes and soft, pink lips, she is a sometimes uneasy and always provocative combination of innocence and deadly brutality. Though pretty close here, Selene edges out Jessica by a slight margin.


There's no doubt that Selene has got the hotness in spades, with that skin tight patent leather outfit wrapped tightly around an amazing body. She doesn't slip out of that leather very often, though when she does it's quite an impressive thing.

With the blood red hair and the silky smooth porcelain body, Jessica has a plenty to offer in the body department. She also routinely bares quite a lot of that body in her regular sexual escapades. While that's all terrific, Kate in and out of that body suit is just too good.


Of course, physical attributes are only part of a vampire's hotness arsenal. The more potent sexual weapon they employ to ensnare their victims is their ability to literally charm your pants off with a glance. In this sense, Selene is a bit short on charm. She's more likely to send a bullet your way than a seductive stare.

If there's any vibe Jessica gives off more than a creeping sense of death incarnate, it's her seething hot sex appeal just burning for satisfaction from any wimpy human within reach. Though young, she already knows how to charm her victims to get the satisfaction she craves, whether it be the need to drain their precious life force or simply to mount them like a saddle horse.


Selene has always been pretty handy with the weaponry - except in the area that really counts for a vampire, namely the fangs. Sure, she's got guns and superior acrobatics to take down any Lycan or human opponent, but she could be in trouble against a more traditional vampire character.

Though very young as a human and a vampire, Jessica has already proven herself quite a capable killer, wantonly lapping up the blood of any available human food source in her grasp. She can also handle herself in battle, using her superhuman powers to take down werewolves, witches and wussy humans at will.

Back Story

Selene's story is quite a rich and complex tale of betrayal and intrigue stretching across centuries and multiple continents, all revolving around a secret war between Lycans and vampires of which Selene is a key figure. Add to that a lot of betrayal and revenge elements to make her story extra juicy.

Jessica's story is rather less interesting. She comes from a family of redneck religious fanatics who kept her on a short leash. After being kidnapped as an intended sacrifice to the vampire bureaucracy, her maker decides to spare her life and thus gives her freedoms in death that she never knew in life.

Selene and Jessica are two potent and deadly female Nosferatu, both indicative and unconventional with the traditional vampire role. While formidable opponents, Selene tops Jessica with a slight edge in the visual attributes and a more interesting back story. For these reasons, she wins this Face Off challenge.

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