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It's a Face Off Thanksgiving: Hayley Atwell vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

11.23.2015by: Droz

It was more indication that the whole damn planet is in love and lust with Jennifer Lawrence when she won the majority of votes from Amber Heard in last week's Face Off. She is extremely lovable for sure. You can't go wrong with her. Then again, Amber is kinda foolproof herself. So there really wasn't a wrong answer there.

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. What better time to think about all the hotties we're thankful to have blessing us all with their perfect everything. Sounds good in theory, but what that really means in this case is an opportunity to present myself with an impossible choice. How do I choose whether it's the perfectly cute and curvaceous Hayley Atwell or the impossibly adorable and hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead I'm more thankful to have? I don't know, but I'm going to end up hating myself no matter how it turns out. Which of these two eminent hotties are you more thankful for?


Already I feel like a shit for going the other way here. Hayley is adorable on a whole other level from most other women, at least for me. I find her beauty comforting in some weird way. She's just great nice to look at, no matter if she's made up all perfect for Agent Carter or just hanging out somewhere. In the end, I went with Mary because she's equally gifted here. And there's all the other great things happening on Hayley.

I remember being in total awe of Mary the first time I saw her in SKY HIGH. I don't think I've ever seen a more lovely face in a movie or anywhere. So beautiful was she that I found it difficult to pay attention to what was happening in her scenes. I'm amazed any of the people acting with her could concentrate either. A decade later, Mary is still drop dead gorgeous. Any chance to see her pretty face is like an event.


Any discussion of Hayley eventually has to bring up that body of hers. And what a sublime body it is - probably my favorite of them all right now. Everything we've come to know and love in the curvy girls, Hayley takes to new heights. You may differ on this one, but for me, Hayley is simply how a woman is supposed to look.

I find Mary's figure pretty much unbeatable, except for the woman she's up against this week. They're actually quite different in a lot of ways here. Mary's is very much what you'd expect to see of bodies belonging to women in her line of work. In other words, she's toned to perfection. I have not a thing against her body, I'm sorry to say. This one is mostly just a matter of personal preference. As good as Mary is, I prefer Hayley just a little more.


Hayley comes across as a pretty laid back, easy going person. Not uptight in the least is she. That's probably why she's so cool with showing off that fantastic bod of hers, when the occasion calls for it. Think about all her amazing red carpet moments and those tight dresses ready to squeeze her great rack right out into the open. Hayley would still be hot, even if she weren't partial to that kind of stuff. It's this penchant for showing off puts her over the top for me here.

I'm more than pleased with Mary doing anything, though there was a time a few years back when showing off sexy for the public's consumption was a far more regular thing for her. I suspect she started backing off that stuff after she got married to her longtime boyfriend. Understandable. If I called Mary my own, I wouldn't be too keen on sharing her with the world either. That said, where things stand today, it feels like Hayley has the inside track here.


Hayley has enjoyed a robust career in English productions. Yet my fear is that she and Peggy Carter become synonymous to the point of inescapable typecasting for her. Yeah, Hayley great at playing Peggy, but eventually she's got to do something else. There are only so many Steve Rodgers flashbacks she can show up in before such things become redundant. But for now, Hayley is right at the top of her game where playing Agent Carter goes. I'll be there with bells on whenever she reprises the role.

Mary is great, though I wish she wasn't doing so many obscure movies as of late. They can be difficult to find sometimes, or more often than not, I simply forget about them and fact that Mary was ever in them. However, when I do catch her in one of these small roles, I'm usually quite impressed with her. The more interesting roles may come with these indie gigs, but Mary is too talented and beautiful to be overlooked or forgotten about. She deserves a much bigger profile.


Yet another match up where I really wanted to tie things up. I love both these women so much and would probably live in blissful splendor with either one. Hayley is kind of easier to find though, both as an actress and a hottie. So I guess I'll go with her. Still mostly a coin toss for me.

Which hottie are you most thankful to have this year?


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