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Face Off: Selena Gomez vs Victoria Justice

02.22.2012by: Droz

Last week's Face Off saw your votes for Princess Leia edge out those for Padme by 7 to 5. Tough break, Padme. I guess she was just doomed from the start.

This week, we explore two ladies who exemplify a relatively recent trend where youth and fame prompt young hotties to grow into maturity so much quicker than ever before. Society has always been obsessed with this mixture of youth and sex appeal, though lately it seems like people can't wait for their favorite, young hotties to mature into adulthood. Each successive generation seems to want to abandon the traditional trappings of youth sooner and sooner to reach their maturity, while simultaneously maintaining their underage appearance longer and longer. This week, we compare two examples of this new youth revolution, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, to see which one stands as the hottest new hottie.


It's tough to judge the beauty of Selena, because she is still so childlike in her appearance. It's almost disturbing how similar she looks to her former child self. She is certainly a beautiful young girl, but young is the key here. It's difficult to be anything but a bit put off by that baby face of hers.

Victoria has a more mature feel to her face. She looks like someone her age. She's still quite youthful and certainly beautiful, but nonetheless believable as a young woman. You could never confuse her as being anything else, which is ironic because she is actually almost a year younger than Selena.


This one is a much tougher call. Selena might have a baby face, but she's certainly a woman everywhere else. They have two different sorts of bodies. Selena is somewhat more compact and curvy than Victoria. Not that this is a bad thing. With Selena, that body style works just as well. Yet so does Victoria's. It's sort of like trying to chose between two diamonds with a different cut but equal brilliance.

Victoria is a somewhat leaner, more elongated kind of hottie with those impossibly long legs of hers. Yet, again, it works for her. Where others might become lanky or stretched, she has enough of a curve to her body to offset that height advantage. This one is just too close to call here, so call it a draw.


Selena might be young-looking, but she has a very grown up and responsible sort of way about her. None of the ridiculous entanglements with drugs and the law like some others with her. She also seems very sweet and kind. Not many hotties out there who would voluntarily interrupt their concert tour to go visit sick kids in the hospital, with no fanfare or press releases. Selena did just that recently. Gotta respect that kind of generous personality.

There is no reason to think that Victoria is any less of a good person. The only reason to give this one to Selena is that Victoria doesn't really put much of her true personality out there very often. That sometimes makes her come across as a bit 2-dimensional - attractive in appearance, yet perhaps somewhat less interesting and personable as a celebrity. Maybe she should go visit some homeless shelters.

Talent & Career

Selena seems like a pretty good singer and her performances on her shows and whatnot are cute, if not somewhat annoying for anyone over the age of 14 or so. She certainly knows how to sing and dance. This one is another tough call, mostly because what these two do and how well they do it is pretty difficult to distinguish.

If you look over their careers, both Victoria and Selena have virtually identical tween-oriented productions listed. Sure, they might vary by subject matter, but the content of each show and the kinds of performances therein are mostly the same. Actually, if you think about it, the two of them are pretty much interchangeable, both career wise and in terms of their talent. Perhaps the demographic they play to is more able to distinguish the difference between them here. For the grown ups, it's gotta be a deadlock again.


Giving Selena or Victoria an edge is a rather difficult task. While Victoria's mature looks are easier to digest than Selena's baby face, Selena out does her in terms of personality. Both are a tough call when it comes to quality of body, and career wise they are virtually identical. Hate to make it a tie, but it nonetheless feels like the most reasonable assessment of the two. They are essentially the same person in different skins.

But as LeVar Burton once said, you don't have to take my word for it.

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