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Face-Off: Princess Leia vs. Padme Amidala

02.15.2012by: Droz

From the looks of things, the majority of you were pretty much in agreement with the results of last week's Face Off, with Emma Stone taking the popular vote by an 11 to 7 vote over Emma Watson. Still pretty close though.

With the relaunch of the Star Wars prequels in 3D now prying even more cash from the wallets of hopelessly pliant Star Wars fans, we decided to take a look at the two most prominent heroines from those movies, Padme Amidala and her offspring Princess Leia, to find out which one we would rather use the Force on.


Princess Leia was always the prettiest little hottie and without a doubt the hottest thing in existence in the Star Wars universe - right up until her mom was introduced to the scene anyway. She's still got the original trilogy locked up, though in those movies she's running virtually unchallenged as far as the ladies go - with the possible exception of a few female Ewoks here and there.

While concern was given to make sure Leia and Padme were similar to one another in many respects, Padme takes the lead in the looks department. Where Leia eschews femininity in favor of a more hard-edged and utilitarian style, Padme affords herself many more chances to be the royal lady that she is, both in look and demeanor, thus demonstrating herself more capable in that area. While she might not be more inherently pretty, Padme certainly pretties herself up a lot more. So she takes this prize.


Hairstyles, particularly those iconic Leia side buns, are one of the things most people, especially non-fans, can still easily associate with Star Wars. Most people know that Leia had weird hair in the original trilogy. Not really a big plus to her character, though. More like one of those strange styling choices that unfortunately plague much of this movie franchise.

Though there was a brief attempt to make an origin story for those silly hair buns in the prequels, they were ultimately smart enough to make sure more attention was paid to giving Padme's locks more fitting arrangements than those of her daughter. The result are several rather beautiful hairstyle accompaniments that only increase the established superiority of her beauty over Leia.


One might simply introduce into evidence the metal bikini and leave it at that. However, one would be remiss in not evaluating the body that accompanied that bikini. The fact of the matter is that Leia has quite a hot little body on her. We didn't get to see much of it before Jedi, but once the bikini went on, everyone soon understood the truth. With that tight little frame, flat stomach, and ample ass and bewbs, she seemed born to squeeze herself into skimpy clothes. Kind of makes you wish she hadn't been rescued.

Padme's got a pretty tough legacy to compete with here. An entire generation of geeks were introduced to puberty via her daughter's barely concealed naughty bits. Unfortunately for us, Padme was never given a chance to become a space worm's sex slave, or we might have been able to give this category a more evenly tempered evaluation. As it is, we only have some nice abs beneath a bit of torn clothing and one semi-low cut dress to go on. Other than that, we never really get to know Padme's sexy side. Truly a missed opportunity.


This one's kind of a toss up. In terms of toughness of spirit, I'd call these two pretty equally matched. Leia proves her mettle quite a lot in the original trilogy. With a willingness to pick up a blaster and hop on a speeder, she clearly isn't anyone's push over. We might have given her the trophy here, had she not gotten herself abducted by a bunch of forest dwelling care bears with little bells tied to their spears, or so easily forced into sex slavery by Jabba. Those incidents alone take her down a few notches on the toughness scale.

Frankly, it's Leia's "bitch factor" that gives her the toughness she has. She just can't seem to let shit slide, nor let anything get done without her input. That attitude often gets her into trouble, which someone else has to come get her out of. So yes, she may be quite tough. But she can't seem to stay consistent with that once her toughness gets her in a hairy situation.

Padme has some similar ups and downs as far as toughness goes. She did lead a ragtag army against a vast army of droid soldiers. She also fended off some particularly nasty creatures in a giant arena one time. Not to mention keeping at bay the single most potent source of evil in the galaxy. Then again, she didn't do much of anything but sob and plead with people in the last prequel. Not a very strong display of toughness there.

Padme is clearly the source of her daughter's bitchiness. And that's saying something, considering Leia's other parent is a Sith. Like her daughter, she is similarly prone to flinging herself into the fray, only to find later that she's way over her head. Without someone always backing her up, I don't think she would have lasted very long in any of her adventures. The two of them get toughness points for being the hot-heads they are, but ultimately find themselves evened out by a similar failure to plan ahead.


How each of these two ladies get to be who they are in the Star Wars universe is a major factor in how they stack against one another. Leia's story is much more compelling in its intrigue and immediate sense of loss and hardship. Sure, she's raised as royalty in secret by rich people, but she nonetheless chooses to live in secret as a freedom fighter. Plus, she has to contend with probably the worst heritage possible in the way of her true father, not to mention some serious brother/sister issues. All while trying to rope the galaxy's most confirmed scruffy-looking, nerf-hearding bachelor. Everything considered, I'd say Leia's biography would be the more interesting read of the two.

Padme is essentially raised a queen in a massive palace, takes a bit of a demotion in order to go live a plush life as a senator in the highest ivory tower on a planet made of towers, lets herself get involved on the down-low with a rebellious Jedi, gets knocked up, and then finally abandoned by her husband. Surely a more interesting story than your average movie star, though somewhat less gritty than that of her daughter.


When we last see Leia, in the films at least, she's just witnessed the destruction of the Death Star, and thus the backbone of the Empire. She's rediscovered her long lost family, made some cute, fuzzy friends, and sealed the deal with Han. That's a pretty nice way to wrap things up for her character. Sure, it's a bit shiny happy compared to others in this franchise, but there's got to be at least a few happy endings.

Take Padme's end, for instance, which is much more downbeat than her daughter's. After some pathetic pleading with her recently "evilized" hubby, she is ultimately left abused and abandoned by him so he can go slaughter the galaxy. At that point she is forced to give birth to her bastardized children alone, during which she apparently dies of...what was it again? Oh yeah, grief. Ridiculousness aside, hers is probably the worst ending of the entire franchise. That's perhaps an attempt to offset the wonderfulness of Leia's conclusion. Or just the result of shitty writing. Either way, it still sucks for Padme.


Leia takes this one over Padme thanks to being in possession of a sexier body and having a more interesting story. Physical attributes aside, I think the real reason for Padme's loss here is the overall weakness of the prequels. Leia simply got the better side of the Lucas legacy, having been penned at a time when he was better capable of telling a good story without letting anything get in the way. Had these two characters been given equal regard in terms of the talent and attention that went into their creation, this would surely have been a much tougher call.

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