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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Isla Fisher

10.17.2016by: Droz

Unprovoked nastiness notwithstanding, it was a clear landslide for Alice Eve over her Black Mirror costar Bryce Dallas Howard in last week's Face Off. Although there were a few Bryce votes. I appreciate those. Bryce is great and I enjoy the hell out of her. It's just too bad we can't make all of these tie games.

This week we're getting the secret agent action/comedy, actiomedy, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, starring Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, and one of Australia's finest gifts to the world, Isla Fisher. I'm pretty sure this movie's premise has been covered at least a half-a-dozen times before. Not that repeating itself is a problem for Hollywood. Fortunately we don't have to give this probable turd any of our time or money, but we're always happy to revisit the lovely Gal and Isla. Repeat views of these two fine ass hotties never get old. But which Joneses hottie do you Jones for the most?


Clearly Gal is a gorgeous woman. This was obvious from the moment she first took off in the FAST & FURIOUS movies, right up to now as she takes up the Wonder Woman mantle. Before she went big time movie star, Gal was an internationally known beauty queen and model. So obviously she has the chops where looking good goes. The problem is that Isla is just as beautiful - maybe even more so in my opinion. So if I gotta make a choice, Isla is it in this case.

Isla has impressed us with a variety of looks over the years. With her kind of face, she can pretty much do the whole gambit when it comes to looking tasty. She can be the sensual sex kitten, or the mysterious type, or the innocent angel. My favorite impression of Isla is the adorable cutie pie. I think that's her most true to life form. Then, of course, there's the hair. Man, that hair. She's always gonna be one of my favorite redheads.


Again, beauty queen, model, perfectly toned all over, up and down. This is Gal. Such features might make her a shoo-in for modelling and movie roles, but being perfectly built was never a prerequisite for my affections. Even if Isla isn't as perfect as Gal here, those so-called imperfections give do give Isla the curves I crave. Gal is a little deficient in those, which is one of the reasons many of us, right or wrong, initially raised an eyebrow at her Wonder Woman casting.

The pic above is Isla in the midst of a baby happy part of her life in which she just couldn't or wouldn't stop getting knocked up. If she can look that good while constantly having the kids, just imagine what she looks like when given a chance to tone up. Actually, you don't have to imagine. There are tons of pics of Isla showing off her bod in much more provocative ways. It's those pics and all the glorious curves they illustrate which prove to me just how good Isla is here.


Why is Gal hot? Is it because she's beautiful and built. Is it her beauty queen cred? Or because she has that exotic Israeli thing happening? Or because she's Wonder Woman? Or because she knows how to field strip an automatic weapon? Or because she can simultaneously be or do all these things for some lucky fella at once? Yes.

Beautiful, curvy, redheaded, and Australian is another way of saying perfect in my language. Having claim to any one of these things is something I would consider supremely hot in a woman. It just so happens Isla is all of the above and a whole lot more. Putting all that together makes her a powerhouse of hotness.


The relatively positive reception Gal received for her brief yet memorable first go at Wonder Woman was one bright spot among many dark DC moments this year. She's not done playing the Amazonian hottie by a long shot, so there's plenty of time for the "fans" to find reasons to dislike her just as much as the rest of what DC does in movies to come. That would suck for her, but one thing is for certain - this gig has given Gal quite the boost in this category.

It sucks that so much of what Isla does with her movie star looks has been of so little interest to me. There are way too many chick flicks and dumb ass comedies in Isla's CV for my tastes. Maybe these are commensurate with her abilities as an actress. Or it could be Isla is just stymied in mediocre gigs. Only she and her representation know this for certain. In the meantime, I'll continue to wait for a watchable Isla gig to come along. I wont be holding my breath.


Gal may be the most wondrous one in the movies, but Isla has been and always will be one of my favorite wonders of beauty and sensuality off the screen. She's like a dream come true.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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