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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Gillian Jacobs

06.03.2013by: Droz

Elsa Pataky technically defeated Gal Gadot by a single vote in last week's Face Off. I think when it comes down to a single vote, it's as near as makes no difference to a tie in my book. I'm content to say that they're evenly matched as hotties and leave it at that.

My main girl Cherry Liquor declared her appreciation for Gillian Jacobs over her Community co-star Alison Brie last week. That's a bold stance, considering the following Alison and her tits have around the intertubes. As a group, ya'll were rather torn over Cherry's opinion. Some agreed with Cherry. Some went with Alison. Some couldn't decide. Alright, well, here's a chance to get down to the finer points of these two hotties and decide which of them is the hotter of the pair. Who shall you go with?


Alison has an amazing face. She's got that sweet, bright-eyed, pixie quality that a lot of guy's love. She also has beautiful lips, skin, hair - basically the whole package. Add to all that a really sexy voice. That last one might not be the most obvious thing when compiling lists of hottie attributes, but there's nothing quite like a sexy voice whispering in your ear to get one ready, willing and able in a hurry. I'd love to hear Alison's whispered secrets some time.

Gillian is no slouch in the beauty department either. She's got all those things I just gushed over with Alison in fairly equal proportions. The fact that the two of them are so similar is probably why they work so well together as actresses on Community. Though I do prefer Gillian with her brunette hair. It works better on her. That's a small gripe though. Overall, I find these two evenly matched in this area.


Yeah, I'm going with the boobies here. Those babies are at least half of the reason why Alison has the following she has. The rest of her is great as well, but it's those especially bouncy babies that are the stuff of anigif legend. Unfortunately we have yet to see them in toto, though I get the feeling such a thing is only one really juicy role away. Let's hope Alison gets that role real soon.

It's interesting that there's not much distinguishing Alison and Gillian's bodies, except for those aforementioned tits of Alison's. Other than that, they're fairly similarly built. Gillian's boobs are nothing to be upset about. I'd be perfectly content with what she's got by nature. Still, if it came down to having only of these two bodies to have my way with, it would have to be Alison's. Big boobs - they can be the deciding factor.


The fact that I love Alison's beautiful face, great body and huge tits might make you think giving her the hotness vote would be a lock for me, right? Truth be told, I've never connected with Alison's attempts at being sexy. She does the freaky slut thing on Community a lot, but it doesn't always register with me. Even with the exploding tits, I still think of her as cute and funny rather than hot and sexy. Does that mean I don't want to bang her when her tits are flopping out of some low-cut thing? Obviously not. Still, in a hotness competition, she gets second place for me.

I guess I'm weird, because unlike most of the internet, it's Gillian and her character Britta on Community that I enjoy the most as far as hotness goes. I tend to empathize with Britta more. As for Gillian herself, I don't have that cuteness issue with Gillian, so I can appreciate her physical and sensual attributes more. Also, I'm pretty sure Gillian is the only one of these two who's done this NSFW thing.


Going over their IMDB pages, I can't see much of a difference between these two. They both started out around the same time, have had similar training and schooling, have both done some TV and movies. They both play mostly supporting characters in the stuff they do and they both look to be fairly busy. Doesn't seem fair to say that one is any better than the other here, so I wont.

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It's quite possible my tie vote is merely an excuse to use the above picture here. I regret nothing. I'd have either one of these ladies with little hesitation. I leave it to you to decide which one wins.

Anyway, that's what I think. Which one is your pick?


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