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Face Off: Zoey Deutch vs. Saoirse Ronan

12.19.2016by: Droz

It felt like a tie game between Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley in last week's Face Off. There were a number of people who felt that way. Personally, where career is concerned, I give Felicity the edge. However, when it comes to STAR WARS, I'm still a little bit in Daisy's corner. Hopefully more people will get in her corner as the 3rd trilogy plays itself out.

This week sees Zoey Deutch take one of her biggest steps yet into the mainstream with her role in the Bryan Cranston comedy WHY HIM? We're going to see a lot more of her in months and years to come, along with her contemporary, Saoirse Ronan, who has been in the mainstream for some time now thanks to her unique look and unique talent. These two represent the best of yet another generation coming to prominence in Hollywood. Which next gen hottie would you rather play with?


Zoey has a foolproof way of determining the value of her beauty. Just look any picture of her, any movie, or any video clip she's ever been in. Then you'll understand. Girl is gorgeous. In fact, I don't think she's ever looked bad at all. I should know, I've seen literally hundreds of photos of her and most of her movies and shows. Not once have I ever been anything less than captivated by Zoey's face.

There's a kind of majesty to Saorise's beauty that's unlike anyone else I've ever seen, be they in movies or anywhere. Her big, blue eyes are especially amazing. So much of what makes her a great actress comes through her eyes. This was made clear recently in BROOKYLN. A good movie for sure, but I found myself distracted several times by just how beautiful Saoirse was in it. I don't know how someone gets to be that pretty. Must be an Irish thing.


Constant associations with her mom, Lea Thompson, underlie much of my experience with Zoey. The two have remarkably similar faces and also appear to share the same quality of body. Of course that's relatively speaking. You gotta go back to '83, when Lea was Zoey's age now and getting naked in ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, for clear cut evidence of this similarity. Zoey has some catching up to do with her mom there. I sure do hope she does, if only so we can make the comparison between them here crystal clear.

The elegance inherent with Saoirse doesn't stop at the neckline, which shouldn't come as too big a surprise. Again, BROOKLYN was the thing to make that clear. Even in her modest little 50s swimsuit, you can tell Saorise is one nicely put together woman. She may not be quite as keen about showing off her body as Zoey, but I still hold out hope somewhere down the line there's a great nude scene with her name on it.


Recent years have seen a pleasing uptick of Zoey's awareness and eagerness about showing off her hotness to us, both in her movies and especially in many of her magazine spreads. Being so beautiful and well put together, she's clearly got a knack for letting that hotness out in memorable ways. Again, just like her mom.

Saorise may not be as keen on showing off her bod, at least when compared to the current state of Zoey's body of body show off work. However, being less inclined to such things doesn't make her less hot. I reserve unequal hotness for things like inferior bodies or actual prudishness. We've seen enough to know Saorise is beautiful and nicely configured. It could be she's just waiting for the right opportunity to come along here. I'm patient. I can wait.


Zoey has been gradually building on her fame since making her debut on TV a few years ago. It's an impressive achievement, going from bit parts on crime shows to costarring with Walter White himself in only 5 years. Things appear to be getting even more accomplished for Zoey in years to come, with various important-looking movies on the horizon. I like her style and the qualities she brings to the screen, but I don't think she's quite on Saorise's level - not yet anyway. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring for Zoey here.

It was obvious Saoirse has something special about her as an actress ever since ATONEMENT in 2007. Since then she's made herself a standout in many a movie, both good and not-so-good. That's a great way of gauging the skills of an actor. Can they deliver something meaningful and rise above a mediocre movie? Saorise has done that a few times now, though obviously she does her best work when everything comes together well. I fully expect to see her climbing some stairs as an Oscar winner very soon.


Both Zoey and Saoirse are two of the brightest rising stars in the Hollywood galaxy right now. Sure, Saoirse's accomplishments as an actress might give her star a little extra twinkle, but as a fan of both I look forward to a whole lot more of them in the years ahead.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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