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Face Off: Zoey Deutch vs. Emma Roberts

03.28.2016by: Droz

Gal Gadot was the obvious choice over Bar Refaeli in last week's Face Off. That one was a little unfair considering how popular Gal is right now. But as is usually the case, if they were both right here in this room with me now, I'd have a lot more trouble deciding between them.

Friday sees us going back in time once again with director Richard Linklater and his movie EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! This time he's got the '80s serving as the setting for his nostalgic cinematic ode. To be honest, I'm a little worried about this one. You know it's bound to get compared to death with DAZED AND CONFUSED - a movie many people consider the perfect nostalgic throwback. Could be hard for this one to stand on its own merit, but you never know. Linklater has surprised us before. However things go for this movie, I'm certain its leading lady, Zoey Deutch, will at the very least make it nice to look at. Zoey doing this movie is something of an irony, seeing as how she takes an uncannily verbatim visual cue from her mom, '80s hottie phenom Lea Thompson. Speaking of the next generation on from '80s hotties, how about Julia's niece Emma Roberts? She's also made something of herself thanks in part to her good family genes. Which descendant of 80s hottie royalty would you rather worship?


Get used to hearing about Zoey's mom here, because it's virtually impossible for me to not mention them in the same sentence. This situation helps Zoey take the win here, thanks in part to memories of the severe crush I once had on her mom back in the day. So bad was my thing for Lea I wore out my old VHS copy of the BTTF trilogy, just so I could swoon over her again and again. Zoey taking after her mom here gives me the same tingly feelings, though she does just enough of her own thing to make me appreciate her on her own merits as well.

Emma is plenty beautiful and most of the time I'm fully enthusiastic for her looks. But, every so often, she takes on that weird fish mouth thing which runs rampant in her clan. This overly large maw characteristic was a gripe I had with her aunt back in her heyday and it appears to have been handed down to her niece. Although to Emma's credit, it's much less noticable with her.


The way back feelings I had for Zoey's mom spread into this category as well. My mind is filled with images of how Zoey might look recreating her mom's hottest scenes in movies like ALL THE RIGHT MOVES or the locker room scene in SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. What I wouldn't give to see Zoey in her panties and a little tank top, playing with her hair. Or even better, stripping down to nothing at all for some passionate high school movie sex scenes. Someone cast her in remakes of those movies, please!

I'll not give Emma too much shit for her body. Yes, she's a little skinnier than I tend to like. However, in her case, I get the impression it's just how she is. She doesn't seem like the sickly-looking types who are clearly starving themselves to stay so petite. Regardless of all this, I still have to go with Zoey here, who's just a little more to my liking.


I almost went the other way on this and probably would have, had there not been all the hot magazine spreads coming from Zoey lately. She's been knocking it out of the park with those and in doing so rewriting much of what I thought she was capable of in a relatively short time. It's always a fun thing when hotties leave their young girl identity behind and proceed to blossom into full on hottie women. Zoey has most definitely completed this process, and then some.

Emma's portrayal of the pop star witch on American Horror Story a few seasons back was probably my favorite thing she's ever done. This is true both because of her performance, and most importantly, the sexually charged nature of her character. It certainly showed what she's capable of here, but subsequent roles haven't done quite as much as I would like in this vein - not enough to divert my attention away from Zoey anyway.


I'm sorry, I just can't get over how much Zoey looks like her mom in this pic. It's like Lea somehow bypassed normal reproductive processes and had herself cloned Jango Fett style. 2016 is set to be Zoey's debut year, with all sort of things either released or soon-to-be-released in the months ahead. The more of her the better as far as I'm concerned. However, looking back on what she's already done, I can only give limited praise or claim simple unfamiliarity. Which forces me to go with Emma on this one.

I have little doubt there was some nepotism involved in Emma's rise to prominence. Yet to her credit, she's pulled off some impressive performances anyway. Just like with Zoey's predecessor, I can only assume Emma gets whatever skills she has from her famous elders. Or maybe not. Who knows for sure? Anyway, what I like about her is how every now and then, she exceeds my expectations. Not something that happens every day.


I'm iffy on how Linklater's new nostalgic love letter is going to fair in the shadow of its illustrious older brother. As a fan of the director, I have my fingers crossed for it. As for its star, I need no such faith. Zoey is one of my new favorites. Not just because of where, or more to the point who she comes from, but also for what she brings to the table all on her own.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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