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Face Off: Zoe Saldana vs. Rosario Dawson

07.28.2014by: Droz

There was split on Anna Kendrick and Lacey Chabert in last week's Face Off. Everyone seemed divided on their various attributes. That's interesting. I anticipated more tie votes. I guess cuteness is a divisive concept.

This week sees the opening of the next Marvel comic adaptation, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, starring the lovely Zoe Saldana. In a lackluster summer movie season, driven down by sequel and remake fatigue on the part of movie goers, this movie represents a rare moment of originality, telling a new story for most folks and a fairly unique one at that. Kind of a different situation with the tasty Rosario Dawson and her movie SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. Seems like a sequel late in the coming. Not exactly unwelcome, but also kinda mid-level on most folks' anticipation scales.

So these are two very different movies, starring two very sexy Latino hotties. Should be interesting to see how they fare against each other, both in theaters and in this week's Face Off, where we now must decide which late summer movie hottie is the better. Take your pick below.


These two have that sexy West Indies blend of African and Spanish heritages. Normally Zoe's blend works just fine for me. I sometimes fluctuate on her characters though. She made for a hot pirate in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, but her ponytail look in STAR TREK didn't work for me. She made a pretty hot alien as the inspiration for Neytiri in AVATAR. I'm waiting to see how she comes across as Gamora in GotG. So far so good there. Funny how she's played a blue alien and a green one now. If she plays something red next, that will complete her RGB aliens color model. Anyway, she's beautiful no matter what color she is.

Some people give Rosie shit here. I don't know what their problem is and I hate to speculate on their motives. Me, I've been all about Rosie's looks ever since her debut role in KIDS. That was an f-ed up movie for sure, but she was cute as hell in it. The intervening years haven't given me cause to change my mind. Even when she's playing characters who are anything but cheery, like Gail in SIN CITY, she still gives me warm feelings. Granted, that's probably her character's outfit at work there. Anyway, I find her just as appealing from the neck up, despite what the haters might say.


There's nothing wrong with Zoe's body. In fact, she seems like a pretty healthy person and she's clearly fit. . My personal preference is for bodies more filled out.. Zoe's a little skinnier than I tend to prefer my ladies be. That's not a bad thing. It's just not my thing.

Rosario has fluctuated here over the years. Sometimes she's a little thicker, sometimes much more trim. She's always got it where it counts though, as demonstrated by her periodic nude scenes where she actually shows what she's got. I always like to give preference to the hotties who leave nothing to the imagination.


Zoe as herself and most of the characters she plays are plenty hot - hotter than many, actually. I'm particularly fond of her voice. That might sound like a weird thing to put on par with great bodies or whatever, but it's true. Zoe has an extra sensual quality in her pipes to go along with her T&A. So there are plenty of good reasons to prefer Zoe here, but Rosie's column is calling to me. She's a tough one to turn down.

Rosie is hot on multiple levels. First and foremost, there's the obvious way she's hot. You know, the old dressing up as a dominatrix thing or a hot bikini in a magazine thing or wearing nothing at all in a movie thing. That's very nice. The cherry on top with Rosie is how she goes beyond all that by being a genuinely cool person with a full on nerdy streak and little in the way of star smugness. I want to hang out with Rosie just as much as I want to bang her. That sounds all kinds of hot to me.


Zoe has landed herself prime gigs in several big budget sci-fi franchises. We got GUARDIANS this year. They've already scheduled a sequel for that coming out in 2017. Then she's got no less than 3 more AVATAR movies, one after another, starting in 2016 and going through 2018. There will certainly be at least one more STAR TREK movie at some point in the near future. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought her in for one of the umpteen million STAR WARS movies they're planning. That's quite a career.

Rosie sort of weaves in and out of mainstream and the less high profile stuff. Sometimes that works out okay, sometimes not. I get the sense she does what she finds interesting and doesn't give a whole lot of thought to whether people like her or the work. She's just having fun being an actor and being Rosie. It would be nice to see her around more. Maybe if this Daredevil show is a hit, that might happen. But if not, I'm sure Rosie will slough it off with little difficulty.


I like Zoe a lot, but I love Rosario even more. She doesn't always get the love she deserves from others. I don't get that, but apparently Rosie can polarize people. Consider me entirely on the positive side as far as she's concerned.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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