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Face Off: Zoe Saldana vs. Priyanka Chopra

05.01.2017by: Droz

It could have been a lot of things that put Elizabeth Olsen on top of Karen Gillan last week (Liz on top of Karen. I like the sound of that). Maybe Elizabeth has an advantage in playing a hot Marvel character, as opposed to Karen's rather freakish one. Whatever it was, I have to agree with the consensus.

Speaking of hotties made somewhat freakish-looking for the purposes of Marvel movie goodness, enter Zoe Saldana, who plays Gamora, the other half of a dysfunctional sisterhood of weirdness in the highly anticipated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOl. 2. Despite being green and a little standoffish, Zoe's hotness still manages to shine through nicely with Gamora. Another woman who who lets nothing get in the way of her capacity as a hottie is Priyanka Chopra, who will be playing the heavy in the forthcoming BAYWATCH movie. I've never had any problem appreciating what these two bring to our hotness table. Which May movie hottie is a must see for you?


I know when I sit down to watch GotG Vol. 2 this weekend, I'm going to easily see through all of Zoe's green makeup to the lovely face underneath. I've never had a moment in a theater or any other motion picture experience where I thought Zoe was anything less than beautiful. Still images of her, on the other hand, are a little more problematic. Photos overly emphasize Zoe's good/bad side situation. Never had that problem with Priyanka.

You can see why Priyanka was once crowned Miss World. You couldn't do much better when selecting a face to represent our species as a whole. Her only problem here that I can figure out is that she's frequently way too beautiful to play some of the roles she has. I've never seen such a beautiful FBI agent or drug kingpin. No matter how good she might be in those roles, she still looks more like the beauty queen she is.


I wouldn't go so far as to accuse Zoe of having a bad body. It's a nice, extremely trim, petite little frame she has going there. Maybe a little too trim for my tastes. I'm one of those rounder, fuller body fans. Zoe may be as tight as a drum without a whole lot of jiggle to her wiggle. And that's fine, if that's your thing. Me, I kinda like it when they jiggle.

I wouldn't call Priyanka's body especially thick or even curvy. She is quite nicely filled out though, sufficient enough for me to look forward to each and every one of her photo shoots with great eagerness. She's also very keen on showing her nice body on a regular basis, which is another reason for me to enjoy what she's got going here. Availability is an oft overlooked factor in body appreciation.


So Zoe's isn't quite my kind of body, but I can appreciate the way she uses it. Girl has an innate sex appeal making it tough to deny her drawing power when she's turning on the hotness in some capacity. I also enjoy the feisty quality Zoe usually has about her. She's not adept at playing the pushover, either in life or in her movies. Strong, confident women can be a turn-on all on their own.

It's not everyday you see a beautiful daughter of India doing the kind of sexy displays Priyanka gets up to on a regular basis. That gives her a special kind of exotic noteworthiness in the wide, diverse field of hotties. It helps that she's also quite good at what she does when getting all sexy. Priyanka's got a powerful potency about her when she's working those deep, brown eyes and sexy body.


Zoe heads up 3 of the most beloved sci-fi movie franchises currently in existence - STAR TREK, AVATAR, and GOTG. How many billions has she helped earn through her participation in those movies? I can't count that high, but it's a lot. Even better than her cash register-like qualities is the fact that her earning power isn't just a superficial thing. Zoe has the skills and can deliver great performances. Always nice to see capable people rewarded for their abilities.

Up until recently, Priyanka's chief claim to fame was as a Bollywood staple. In an industry that outgrosses Hollywood by a significant margin, Priyanka was once a top draw. That's pretty damn impressive. Nowadays she's one of the principals on the American series Quantico and a costar on the new BAYWATCH movie. Kind of a downgrade in a lot of ways, but the good part there is how she's gotten herself on our radar here in the west. Can't complain about that.


Zoe is ruling the roost as a big ticket name, but I find it difficult to deny any woman who can pose like this in a swimsuit. Priyanka has all the hotness you can handle and then some.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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