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Face Off: Victoria Justice vs. Emma Stone

08.15.2016by: Droz

It was probably a foregone conclusion how things were going to go with last week's Face Off. Truth be told, I had it as a tie between Salma Hayek and Katy Perry right up to the last minute. But then I realized many of Salma's movies have sucked recently and even the good ones aren't enough to equal Katy's monumental successes in her field. But like I said before, the question of which one I'd rather get with is really a coin toss. Either way, I'd be happy with the outcome.

We cover the various goings on of a bunch of different hotties. There are, however, a few who could be referred to as "regulars." These ladies tend to show up here frequently and for good reason. They either do their thing really, really, well. Or they do it a lot. Or both, like in the case of the two regulars we're pitting against each other today, who go by the names Victoria Justice and Emma Stone. These are two beautiful, sweet, charming, adorable, sexy and talented regulars who can bewitch us merely by showing their faces. Which Movie Hotties regular do you regularly enjoy the most?


Normally we try to select pic sets with the most, shall we say, bang for the buck. These would be the bikini pics, or the hot magazine spread, or whatever. There are a few beautiful ladies who surpass the need for such things. Now I'm not saying the more revealing pics of Victoria aren't nice. But we tend to be just as happy with something from the neck up. This is because she's so damn beautiful it becomes easy to forget we're not seeing any titties.

I could probably make this category a tie and bow to my appreciation of Emma's beautiful face. She tends to be just as fun to look at as Victoria. Lately though Emma has been kind of elusive when it comes to showing us her pretty face. She also has a frustrating tendency to turn up as a blonde periodically for some strange reason. Blonde may be her natural color, but we all know which color suits her best.


Victoria's body is the exact opposite of her face in that you rarely get to see it put in the spotlight. Sure, she might show up in a sexy dress at the event or wearing something somewhat provocative at the awards show or whatever. There's not exactly an extensive gallery available of Victoria killing it in bikinis or other things of a provocative nature. This makes opportunities to check out her body in a more complete way all the more pleasing when they do happen.

There's always been a lot to like about Emma. She's pretty, she's talented, cute, smart. Up until recently her bod always fell somewhere in the middle of her list of her virtues - maybe not the most bombastic body out there, but not bad. Then she started showing up everywhere in tight leggings and sporting one of the most surprisingly perfect asses I've seen. Suddenly stock in Emma's bod is going through the roof, to the point where her ass might be the thing she's most beloved for, at least in the short term. Quite a change, but also a welcome one.


There's an overriding air of cuteness to Victoria's public profile. It's something she puts out there like a sweet little blanket always wrapped around her. That's nice, since it tends to always keep her in a sympathetic light. But every once in a while Victoria is nice enough to give us a peek at what lies behind her sweet curtain. Maybe it's a social media bikini snap, or an especially sexy dress. The effect is to confirm what we pretty much already knew - namely how she's an adorable sweetheart with an extra layer of hotness.

Normally it would be hard to say which one is the hotter of the two here, since they go about things in a similar way. Anyway, I would never try to argue against Emma's hotness, primarily because I know she is hot. She's proven this more than once. Emma has just been kind of aloof lately. I'm not sure why this is. Too many run ins with the media maybe? Distractions by her as yet undefined relationship status with defunct Spider-Man? I don't know what it is, but I do get a better vibe from Vicky here, at least for now.


This upcoming ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake might be the biggest thing Victoria has done since, well, since she's started. It illustrates one of the peculiar things about Victoria, namely how most of us know who she is, despite the fact that she hasn't done nearly as much as Emma has in her career. For most of her fans, Victoria's personal attributes outweigh any shortcomings she might have with her career. Still, I can't ignore all the success Emma has had over the years.

Things have been a little mixed with Emma's career lately, with a few flops, a few minor controversies. I've even heard some people claim she's a falling star. Way too soon to be making that kind of call, but I would like to see her go back to doing the Apatow style comedies. There's were she has truly shined for me over the years. Anyway, a few bumps in the road notwithstanding, I think it's safe to say Emma's journey as an actress has been a great one so far.


I'm sure there's got to be something about Victoria that's not to like. After all, nobody's perfect. I have yet to find that thing though. I hold nothing against Emma either, I'm sorry to say. But there's just something about Victoria which puts her ahead of the pack in so many ways. She clicks with me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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