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Face Off: Victoria Justice vs. AnnaSophia Robb

02.15.2016by: Droz

The answer to last week's Face Off question was a resounding Morena Baccarin. The more vexing Morena question after seeing DEADPOOL this weekend, is whether or not I would let Morena take a lubricated latex tour up my main street. We know where Wade stood on the matter. Me, I'm not sure even Morena is hot enough to coax away my back door virginity. Fortunately, this is one of those "gotta be faced with it" situations none of us will ever have to worry about. No reason to dwell on it.

Friday sees Victoria Justice turn 23. Then later in the year, AnnaSophia Robb does the same. They're two of the cutest, loveliest and sexiest hotties 1993 ever produced. Which is saying something, as it was a fine year for vintage of fine females. Can you decide which of these two sweet beauties suits your tastes better?


Natural beauty is a gift Victoria enjoys above most other hotties I've seen anywhere or at any time. She's never looked bad to me. No matter if she's glammed up for the cameras or caught barefaced unawares - girl still looks like a perfect angel. In fact, the less cosmetics she puts between her face and the world, the better she comes across. Victoria's got a face I never get tired of looking at.

This is another of those occasions when selecting one face over another feels like a terrible disservice. These two accomplish their loveliness in different ways, but they have one thing in common when it comes to possessing irresistible doe eyes. Those eyes are just as different as their faces, but they do speak the same hypnotic language.


Victoria has an exceptionally sleek build, like a gazelle or a jungle cat - very long, lean and supple. It's evocative images like those which get me thinking about a hundred different tight jeans, bikini or red carpet dress moments. Girl is just fine by me where hot bodies go. In this case, the siren call of diminutive hotties with thick asses calls to me more loudly. Nothing more to it than that.

AnnaSophia has fluctuated a lot in this category, going from cute little bikini girl, to rap video quality thick and now back to cute little bikini girl. Despite those changes, she's never been anything but unbelievably bangable. Like with Victoria, my mind is filled with all sorts of AnnaSophia tight ass dresses and repeated bikini moments like the one above. So many great moments in there.


Most of the time what you get with Victoria is a sweet smile and a sexy pose. These by themselves are perfectly good for hotness, but every once in a while Vicky goes full on hottie with some magazine spread or particularly hot outfit. This is when you get the best part of what Victoria brings as a hottie. Those make me suspect and truly, honestly hope there's a sex-crazed wildcat lying in wait under all those sweet smiles.

AnnaSophia has her own frequently seen pleasantries on the surface for all to appreciate and usually find sexy. We're always on the lookout for the coveted shot of her ass whenever new photos of her show up. But again, indications point to a deeper sexy hidden behind those pleasantries AnnaSophia places at the forefront of her public profile. I like nice and sweet, but bringing out more of the hottie in both these two sounds like a good idea to me.


Victoria has a nice voice when she sings, but it hasn't made her a huge pop star sensation. She's got a happy fun personality, but it hasn't translated into significant acting ability. She also looks like the standard for young, hot and beautiful people Hollywood loves, but that hasn't provided many big league roles. There was a time back in her Victorious days when I think most people would have bet on her being the big thing down the line. Now all her former co-stars are outpacing her in their various fields. It's a trend I do hope Vicky can reverse. I'd hate to see her relegated to the ranks of forgotten teen queens.

It seems pretty clear AnnaSophia has the better chops as an actress. She's also done more significant work in her relatively short time on the scene. These two both have the look the studios love, but I get a better impression of the actual work AnnaSophia puts into her her gigs. She's more than just the pretty face. She's got the skills too and I always like to put skills above anything else when it comes to this category.


Two 20-something angel faces here. I've enjoyed them both on their relatively short time on the scene. However, the way I see it, AnnaSophia has the better talent and one of the most stand out bodies I've seen in some time. Cute, built and skilled? Sounds like a winner.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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