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Face Off: Tricia Helfer vs. Jeri Ryan

09.02.2013by: Droz

Debby Ryan edged out a win over Selena Gomez in last week's Face Off. Sounds about right in my opinion. Selena is getting hotter as she matures, but she's still got her baby face. Then again, so does Debby. I suppose it's a matter of which baby face works better for you. For me, it's definitely Debby's.

Seeing Tricia Helfer looking so good at the RIDDICK premiere last week had me getting all nostalgic for sci-fi hotties from TV shows of the past. Hot female characters aren't exactly a rarity in sci-fi TV. They've all got at least one. Still, there haven't been very many who could compare with the phenomenon that Tricia and her fine, Cylon ass became back in the day. Going through the long list of sci-fi hotties to find one who made a similar impact, I can think of only one who could compare. You might remember her as the repatriated Borg drone Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. We know her better today as Jeri Ryan. These are two hotties of similar intensity who had geeks sprouting stiffies every week. But which one is the hotter sci-fi TV babe for you?


Both these ladies were models before they were actresses on high profile sci-fi shows, so it's a given that they'd be lookers. I'm sure those looks are at least half the reason they managed to get on their respective shows in the first place. That being said, on the beauty scale, I have to give Tricia the win. Even as someone not especially keen on blondes, I still found her a total stunner. Though I like her even more as a brunette. Her looks really did make her seem beyond human, which more than adequately set her apart, even from her fellow Cylons.

Jeri had the disadvantage of starting out as a Borg - a role that has never afforded anyone a pleasant-looking demeanor. Thankfully they cleaned her up later to a very pleasing degree.Still, her face has always been more of an interesting one than any I would call truly stunning. Sometimes she looks really amazing, sometimes not so much. Overall I'd call her pretty, but perhaps not as much as Tricia.


If there was anything better than Tricia's beauty on BSG, it was how amazing her insane body looked in that red dress. Not only is her curvy yet fit frame going to go down in sci-fi hottie history, but also TV history in general. Like Jeri, her proportions were seemingly impossible. It was yet another feature about her that fit with the whole engineered machine storyline. She certainly looks like a perfectly crafted human/robot meld grown in a lab. That makes more sense than frequent trips to the gym and a vegetarian diet.

The Borg thing wasn't doing her looks any favors, but it says something about Jeri's phenomenal frame that she still looked bangable as a Borg - even with all the wires and shit all over her. Afterward when they gave her the silver body suit, her hotness went straight up to 11. When you think about it, letting Seven stroll around Voyager's decks in that outfit was a cruel thing to do to a ship full of sex-deprived Starfleet crewmen, stuck tens of thousands of lightyears from the nearest Alpha Quadrant trim. She was plenty fun for those of us playing at home though.


Being hot in addition to looking good was a big part of what Tricia was up to both on BSG and afterward. She knows she's one of the sexiest things walking the Earth right now and she's fully prepared to milk that for all it can give. Some might look down on that sort of thing, but I wonder how people would react if they knew that the hottie from BSG turned into a prude once the camera's stopped rolling. Might take some of the magic away from that role. Knowing that Tricia's hotness endures years after that show went away makes the world a better place.

Jeri never seemed quite as concerned about showing off her hot body - not as much as Tricia anyway. Being a hot woman, she knows how to rock that body when the situation calls for it. Her ambitions to be a serious actress seem far more important to her. That was probably a lot harder to do on Star Trek, when she was obligated to wear those clothes that left very little to the imagination. Nowadays, her hotness is more implied rather than practiced and readily demonstrated.


BSG was one of the best things ever to happen to sci-fi television, which makes it quite a feather in Tricia's cap. That was awhile ago though. Since then she's stuck with TV for the most part, doing a lot of single roles and a few recurring roles on various shows here and there. I don't think Tricia has found another role that could match the prominence of her role on BSG, but she's still keeping herself very much relevant as an actress and a hottie.

Jeri has had a pretty successful run on a number of shows since Voyager went off the air a whopping 13 years ago, among them Boston Public, Leverage and Body of Proof. While most of those shows have not really advanced her rep as a high profile sex symbol the way Voyager did, they have made her reputation as an actress. That's great for Jeri's career prospects, but I wouldn't mind seeing her in a skin tight outfit again, just for shits and giggles.


Back in the 90s I would have thought that nothing could ever be as hot as Jeri Ryan in that silver bodysuit. Then Tricia Helfer came along with her skin tight dress and rewrote the book on hot sci-fi babes. While experience leaves me unprepared to call Tricia the be all and end all of sci-fi hottie potential, she is going to be a tough one to beat.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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