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Face Off: Tina Fey vs. Christina Applegate

12.16.2013by: Droz

Most of you gave Evangeline Lilly love over her competitor Liv Tyler in last week's elvish-themed throw down. I went the other way, but that's just me. Eva's good too. They're like champagne and wine. It all depends on the occasion and what you're in the mood for.

This week sees the release of the long awaited ANCHORMAN 2, which boasts among it's stellar cast the ladies above, Christina Applegate and Tina Fey. These are hotties with a long history in comedy, who approach their craft from two different directions. Christina has always been the hot girl who happens to be funny, while Tina is the funny girl who happens to be hot. Minor differences aside, they still get the laughs. But which one is the funniest hottie, or hottest funny, or...uh...which one do you like more? Vote below.


Tina's got that cute brunette thing that appeals to my tastes. I even like the scar. The fact that she never felt she needed to get it removed or reduced gives her character. She's also got that hottie in glasses thing which has become a bit of a cliche in recent years, probably from folks attempting to copy Tina's style. I don't know if she's doing the glasses thing as a lifestyle choice or a matter of necessity. All I know is that she looks good in them, so I'm down with it.

I never used to have a problem with Christina's looks. She was super cute back in her Kelly Bundy days and afterward. Unfortunately my view of Christina was tainted somewhat by one of those trashy tabloid covers where they show the stars without make-up. I know most celeb hotties have to employ varying degrees of cosmetic enhancement to accomplish their stand out looks. Still, her au naturel appearance was quite a contrast to her made up one. I haven't been able to look at her the same way since.


I hear Tina used to be kinda tubby back before she got famous. Then she lost the weight, got on SNL and started to gain a following. I doubt any of those are coincidences. Today she's very much a MILFy type. Not perfectly thin, but not huge either. None of that matters anyway, as the state of Tina's body has never been my primary reason for liking her. I'm much more interested in her as a comedian and personality. If she was 200 pounds, I'd still be smitten with her.

Having a hot body has always been one of the key characteristics of Christina's presentation. Sure she can quip and crack a joke with the best of them. She'll always be rocking a killer bod as she does it. That was true of her back in her feathered Kelly Bundy days and it's still true in her Ron Burgundy's better half days. Nice to see that some things endure.


As I said above, looks have never been the primary draw for Tina, at least in my view. Not to say that she isn't attractive. She totally is. I'm all about her wit, intelligence and comedic prowess. Depending on the role or the venue, Tina can go from ripping political figures a new ass with satirical jabs, turn quirky, awkward and self-effacing, become goofy and fun, then intellectual and cutting. She can even do them all at once. She's not one to be messed with, lest you want to be thoroughly humbled for your trouble. I find that quite hot.

Christina is more like the typical hottie we feature here, as in she's sexy as hell and fun to imagine getting with in whatever heated sexual encounter appeals to you the most. Sure she can be funny too, but she's the flip side of Tina in that her comedy skills come after her sexy legacy. In other words, I want to bang her first, trade knock knock jokes second. To put it bluntly.


Tina has become a comedy institution over the last decade or so. She first gained popularity with her SNL Weekend Update skills and wildly popular rips on Sarah Palin, contributing in no small way to the defeat of John McCain in 2008. Then 30 Rock, which proved she had range in addition to her comedic powers. Tina's had some hits and misses with her movie career thus far, though not for any lack of being funny. Now she's poised to become the perennial emcee of the Golden Globes, alongside fellow funny woman Amy Poehler. All of that now means that Tina's the one to see for all your funny woman needs.

There was a long time when the thing Christina was most remembered for was Married With Children. They still mention that first on her IMDB page. Thankfully ANCHORMAN changed that. She's done quite a number of things other than those shows and movies, but I suppose in the end it comes down to what folks recall and what they don't, at least when attempting to compare careers. With that in mind, I'm giving Tina the advantage here.


Tina and Christina are making similar sounds, but at different wavelengths. It's like a choice between Elvis or The Beatles, where Tina is the more far-out Beatles and Christina the more straightforward Elvis. That's a weird analogy, but call me a Beatles man anyway.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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