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Face Off: Thin Kelly Brook vs. Thick Kelly Brook

05.28.2012by: Droz
Had a split decision in last week's Face Off between Indiana's Jones' ladies, with 6 votes going to both Marion Ravenwood and Elsa Schneider. It's a difficult choice. Do you want the hot Nazi, or the semi hot, ass-kicking bar girl? Personally, I'd probably get along better with the non-fascist type, but that's just me.

On to other issues. Last week we got some spectacular views of Kelly Brook's new body at Cannes. I heard from many folks who were both impressed and somewhat disappointed with her new thickness. Personally, I'd have her either way, but I can see how some folks might miss the old, tighter Kelly from a few years back. So, seeing as how we seem to be somewhat torn over the matter, let's evaluate the various pros and cons of the new Kelly over the old Kelly and see which version of her is the hotter of the two.


There's an extensive library of images from every kind of media outlet you can imagine backing up my choice in this category. Kelly has always been the hottest ticket in town, but in her prime modelling days there was no one who could touch her perfect hotness. She was the epitome of what it meant to be beautiful and built. Those days aren't necessarily behind her, but she is certainly not at her fighting weight anymore. Maybe she'll get back there someday, though if she doesn't, it wouldn't be a tragedy or anything. Even with some extra girth, she's still hotter than most other models out there.

There's not a thing happening with Kelly's new thickness that would make me dislike her even think slightly less of her. She's clearly still gorgeous and still in possession of an incredibly hot body. That being said, I do prefer the more toned Kelly of the past. That's not because I find her less attractive with some thickness to her. I just miss the Kelly of old - that amazing, sultry creature who was the perfect mix of toned and curvaceous. Seems now that she's gradually moving over to the more curvy side of things. Not something I normally lament, but I'm critical of any changes to a lady I considered just about perfect.


Clearly nothing to be critical about in her former bust size. For a guy who loves the boobies, like I do, it all comes down to cause and effect. A higher overall boob volume (barring any artificial inflation tactics) is going to create a marked increase in the amount of appreciation I have for said boobs. You can't argue with that. It's science.

Of course, those extra pounds do have some benefits. She might not have a perfect waistline or the most toned thighs anymore, but those legendary boobs of hers have never looked better. That's just one of those fantastic ancillary benefits to the ladies taking on a few pounds. Pretty clear that Kelly's bust has acclimated quite nice to her new figure. I was always drooling for those fantastic sweater puppies before. Now I'm literally foaming at the mouth. There's a paradise waiting in that cleavage.


One aspect of Kelly that hasn't really been effected by any weight gains is her remarkable beauty. Thankfully none of those extra pounds have caused her to grow any extra chins. She's still got the same, sweet smile and beautiful face she's always had. Seeing as how she remains pretty much unchanged in this area, there really isn't any reason to chose one Kelly over the other.

<---- What he said.


Maybe the best reason to favor the sleeker Kelly over the thicker version is that, in the year or so since she started to take on some weight, she hasn't done a single nude appearance anywhere. Those glorious events used to come with regularity, as did those folks who viewed them. Now having some extra bounce is one thing. I'd never fault a lady for that, as long as it's within reason. But when Kelly's said thickness potentially gets in the way of me seeing her naked ass, I have to draw the line and demand someone get her on a treadmill. I want my nude Kelly hotness back, dammit!

Plenty of good things happening since Kelly went thick, but again, it's not complete without some nakedness. One of my favorite things about Kelly was that, along with being just about everything I would ever want in a woman, she was also not shy about getting down to bare skin once in a while - even for silly or trivial reasons. She didn't need a big paycheck or an arty photo shoot to get her kit off. She just liked being in the buff. Now I don't know if this nude dry spell is the result of her recent extra helpings. It's a easily made assumption, though. Why else would she suddenly stop short of total nudity? I love the curves, but I'll gladly give them up if it means more naked Kelly.

Thin Kelly

It's a bitter pill to swallow, choosing between two versions of a lady a dearly love. But, I gotta go with thin Kelly over thick Kelly. That's the Kelly I feel in love with. This new one is great and if she gets naked at some point I'll probably be closer to making any choice between the two a draw. For now though, my memories of Kelly's glorious, not-so-distant past have more overall appeal for me.

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Which Kelly do you prefer?
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