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Face Off: The Vergara Sisters - Sofia vs. Sandra

04.22.2013by: Droz

Your votes gave Emily Blunt the checkered flag over competitor Olga Kurylenko in last week's Face Off, but only by a couple votes. That may look like a difficult choice at first, but it isn't. You just cover your eyes and point. You'll have made a fine choice, no matter which one your finger lands on.

Looked like ya'll were pretty excited about those pics of Sandra Vergara we posted a few days ago (well, maybe not all of you). Quite a hot little number, ain't she? Clearly hotness runs rampant in the Vergara family. Now we are forced to face that inevitable moment when we must attempt to decide how Sandra stacks up to her big sister, Sofia Vergara. So which Vergara sibling is the tastiest Columbian coffee bean? Give us your take below.


Maybe 10 years ago Sofia could have taken this spot. There's something a little too fake about her today. It could be that she's trying to compensate for her age by putting on a lot of extra make up, but she's going overboard with it lately. I get that it's hard to maintain that youthful glow past a certain age, Still, if things are starting to sag and wrinkle, she does have other means of addressing that problem that don't involve multiple coats of Estée Lauder.

Hey, how did that picture of Kelly Brook get there? Oh wait, that's Sandra. Pretty uncanny resemblance there isn't it? Actually, Sandra can look like a lot of different hotties I can think of. Just alter the lighting and the angle of her face to the camera and she'll look completely different, as evidenced by the small assortment of pics I've gathered here. You can see how her face seems to change with each one, to the point where she looks like a different person in a few of them. I find that kind of face fascinating.


It's difficult to say that one is better than the other here, as these two have very different body types. Sofia has got the curvy and voluptuous category all sealed up, that's for sure. She's been the poster girl for the big tits and round ass variety of hottie since, well, since she first stepped in front of a camera. I wouldn't care to make a claim that Sofia is better than Sandra in that way, because it's just not a fair comparison.

On the other side of the scale is Sandra's body, which is much more the trim and toned variety. She's not anything like her sister, but that's not such a bad thing. Sandra's representing those folks who prefer their ladies of the tight and slim variety. Sandra works just fine in that capacity. She's got a cute little flat belly and as sweet an ass as I've seen in some time. As trim girls go, she's looking just fine to me.


Sofia has spent several years setting a pretty clear cut precedent for her hotness via a number of different endeavors. The fact is that she's hot, whether she chooses to show it off or not. It just so happens that Sofia is an expert at making sure everyone knows how hot she is. You rarely ever see her wearing anything that isn't making a spectacle of her body. She's made being hot the cornerstone of her career. It's an innate characteristic of Sofia that serves her well.

Sandra is no less capable of putting out the sultry vibes. Like many things that would appear to run in this family, having an intrinsic sense of her own hotness just seems to come naturally for her. Must be something to do with her Latin roots. Those folks just seem to know how to handle being sexy. No puritanical restrictions on their right to flaunt their sexuality. They just put it out there. Thanks for that.


Sofia has had a number of years to build up a pretty successful career as a model and TV actress, which gives her a clear advantage over her younger sis who is just starting to make her name. I like that feisty attitude and spirited charm Sofia imbues into the characters she plays. That aspect of her performances seems to come naturally for Sofia, which is probably why she's so good at playing those kinds of women. She's just being herself.

Sandra hasn't had as much exposure as her sister, but then again she hasn't been around as long. She's already got a number of gigs on her resume though and continues to get high profile work. Plus, she's also got that capacity to be feisty in a charming kind of way in her performances. That's yet another family trait they have in common I'm sure. I have little doubt we'll be seeing more of Sandra down the road.


I've been faced with the dilemma of having to choose between sisters before. Just like last time, my instinct is to wuss out and make no choice at all. Being as different as they are yet equally alluring in their own rights makes the choices cancel each other out for me. In other words, I'd have either one of these fine ladies.

That's where I'm at. Where are you?


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