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Face Off: Star Wars Fan Edition - Emma Stone vs. Anna Kendrick

12.14.2015by: Droz

Karen Gillan had the redhead fans on her side, as opposed to Sophie Turner in our previous Face Off. Tough one, but as things go now, I really enjoy Karen. She seems like a fun, enjoyable person. Sophie I don't know quite as well, but still hope to get to know better in years to come.

Well, here we are folks. Only days away from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. It sure has been a long road getting here. We're so far, far away from those halcyon original trilogy days and thankfully well removed from the 6 years of frustration and bitter resentment known as The Prequels. Now, despite years of sad resignation from being told again and again by the bearded one that this day would never come. Now, after 3 years of speculation, worry, and finally the delightful, blissful return to childhood excitement over a whole new iteration of SW. Now, we are here. God, I really hope this one doesn't suck.

Cherry will put the 3 most prominent female STAR WARS characters up against each other in a BOTB later in the week. Right now it's all about the fans. Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick are both well known SW fans. You may have seen Anna recently shilling the Star Wars: Battlefront video game on TV. Emma seems to pop up in SW related stuff all the time. Besides having that in common, they both kind of remind me of each other in a lot of ways. They're two adorably sweet and sexy little hotties, who also happen to love STAR WARS. Which hottie is your favorite unabashed SW nerd?


Most of us know Emma as the sweet little redhead cutie. Then there are some who see her completely differently, finding nothing much at all to like. That seems to be the way things go with non-traditional beauties like these two. You either find their unconventionality charming or you turn your gaze toward faces that better conform. Me, I'm all about the ladies who get things done here their own way. Emma is gorgeous.

I look at that pic above and I think how pretty Anna is. Then there are other pics where I find her mousy and somewhat plain. Clearly things shift rather dramatically depending on the degree of Anna's preparation. I wouldn't go so far as to call her ugly. Like Emma, she's cute in an unconventional way. I suppose where lack of convention in beauty goes, I'm more for Emma than Anna.


Nuff said.→

I can't honestly say that either of these two has the sort of bod to make me go crazy with desire. But they're not bad. Anna in particular has shown off some damn fine body moments on the sets of her various movies in production. Perfect world situations notwithstanding, there's nothing happening with the bodies these two own that would in any way make them a deal breaker for me. So they my vote split.


It's ironic in a way that I'm more about Emma here, because Anna is probably the bigger show off where this category is concerned. I guess that means i should be for Anna, but I'm still going with Emma. That could be the hair, or just the experience I've had with her both as an actress and a person. Or maybe it's one of those undefinable things that draws folks together. Whatever it is, Emma is definitely one of my big time celeb hottie crushes.

I develop a little sister thing with certain women sometimes, despite whatever attempts they might make to be something else. Anna is no stranger to showing off sexy in various spreads and whatnot and I'll not argue against the power those efforts have to persuade. Despite all that, I still think of Anna as more of a buddy than a f*ck buddy. She's someone I'd go see THE FORCE AWAKENS with and not expect to take to bed afterward in a celebration of our mutual excitement over renewed stories of galactic turmoil. Yeah, I'm weird like that.


This has been a tough year for Emma both professionally and personally. First there was that ALOHA controversy over her playing an Asian woman, despite neither possessing Asian heritage nor looking in any way Asian (it was a rather boneheaded casting choice, to be sure. She should never have taken that role). Then there's her reportedly on again, off again relationship with former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. What can I say? Sometimes the shit just piles on. Current difficulties aside, there's still enough good things in Emma's career for me to give her the easy win here.

Somewhere between the PITCH PERFECT movies and the TWILIGHT movies and a ton of rom coms and assorted other boring-looking things, I came to the understanding that me and Anna didn't have a whole lot to say to one another on choices in movies. I'm not going to rip on folks who like that stuff. If those things are for you, go nuts with them and god bless. Me, I go elsewhere.


My STAR WARS midnight show experience will be a family affair this time around. We got the whole clan going. However, were I in need of a cute little geek honey to go with me, I couldn't do much better than Emma or Anna. On the whole, Emma is more for me, for various reasons. No matter though, because knowing these two are such fans of the holy trilogy raises my esteem for them both markedly.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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