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Face Off: Sophie Turner vs. Nathalie Emmanuel

04.06.2015by: Droz

Fans of Krysten Ritter fought the good fight for her over Michelle Trachtenberg in last week's Face Off. Michelle still came out on top though with a solid win. I suppose I'm with the majority there, although I'm also kind of sympathetic to the minority's position. I guess that means I like 'em both. What else is new?

We're on the eve of yet another season of Game of Thrones. Time to see who's gonna get killed, or naked, or killed while naked. It's an excruciatingly entertaining process which shouldn't be as enjoyable as it is. No matter who buys it, you can always take comfort in the hotties. Every season has its own hottie breakthrough moment. Last season it was Nathalie Emmanuel and her nude water sports. Could this be Sophie Turner's year? Who knows? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Right now we got two beautiful women here, both portraying supporting players in the game for the Iron Throne. But which one is the hotter GoT babe? Pick your winner below.


I wouldn't blame you for thinking that Sophie just came into being a couple years ago. I'm sure they were waiting for her to be legal before pointing out her obvious natural beauty as a means of selling the show. That's a pretty reasonable move when you consider how fast they like to thrust the newest model Kardashian into the limelight. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that Sophie and her beautiful red hair are gorgeous.

Getting a gig on Game of Thrones is a really big deal for any actor. I don't blame Nathalie for jumping on it, despite the fact that they haven't always given her looks the credit they deserve. She is kind of a slave or at least the servant of Daenerys. Can't have her competing with Emilia in a pretty face competition. Nathalie has had some gorgeous moments on GoT and most of her other stuff does better by her superior looks.


There's been a few hints here and there about the kind of body Sophie has, usually sourced from Sophie herself on social media. They're apparently hesitant to start putting her bod front and center in a professional way. Can't say I blame them. I'm not sure if I'm ready to see a bare-assed Sophie either. Of course I won't turn it down if offered. For now I'm going with the one I know I'm totally cool with in this category.

I love a Goldilocks figure like the one Nathalie has. Nothing too big or small about her various parts. She's got everything in proportions everyone can appreciate. Well, almost everyone. I'm sure there are some who could complain about her body. Some right here on this site even. Whoever might do so is crazy though. Girl is built like the proverbial brick shithouse.


GoT hasn't done a whole lot to create the conditions by which one might find Sophie hot. She's had that innocent little girl in distress thing happening for the bulk of her time on that show. It's her endeavors outside the show that have had the most impact on how hot she is or not. Girl is really shaping up to be something spectacular. I predict a whole bunch of hotness from Sophie in the years to come.

Like with Sophie, GoT hasn't gone out of its way to do Nathalie any favors in the hotness area, though she still looked hot regardless, especially after that now famous scene in the creek. I suspect things are going to change for both these ladies fairly soon on that angle. However, if you've seen Nathaie in anything else she's done, you know how the woman drips with white hot sex appeal from every pore. I dig her.


Sophie will soon be parlaying her GoT fame boost into the next X-MEN movie and a few other movies coming out in the next couple years. Not bad for someone who really hasn't done much of anything else besides play Sansa Stark. Is she a good actress? That remains to be seen. It could be that she's just the flavor of the month until they kill her off on the show, at which point she'll just fade away. Or not. For now, Sophie and Nathalie seem fairly even here to me.

Nathalie hasn't exactly been all over either. She's done a couple British TV shows and a few movies. That GoT clout did get her into FURIOUS 7, playing the most unrealistically hot hacker who ever lived. Again like Sophie, it remains to be see how far playing Missandei will take Nathalie. Should her character ever get bumped off, that might be the last we ever see of her. Or she could go on to many bigger and better things. I really hope it's the latter because I like Nathalie. But for now I'm taking a wait and see stance on that.


These two gif's might be good enough reason for one to go with Nathalie all by themselves. She's looking real, real good in both of them. Then again, I have to imagine that Sophie might pull off scenes like these with comparable skill. Gimme another year or so to get cool with Sophie showing off her ass like this. Nathalie's ass I'll take copious amounts of right now.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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