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Face Off: Selena Gomez vs. Demi Lovato

08.17.2015by: Droz

Neither I nor the voting block could come up with a winner between Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron in last week's Face Off. I can see why. It's kind of hard to pick a winner between two winners.

This week sees pop star and sexy show off Demi Lovato turn 22. That was preceded just a few weeks back by Selena Gomez's 23rd birthday celebrations. Time was these two sources for curvy & young sex appeal were thick as thieves. Ever since they got their start together as two of those disturbingly happy kid companions to Barney, that most annoying of extinct singing reptiles. But then some shit happened where someone got too crazy or their boyfriend was a jerk or whatever. And soon friendship turned to unfriending and mutual alienation.

Funny that they don't get along, because they're essentially the same people. They both have pretty much the same careers, sing the same kind of music, see their music chart in about the same way, have the same kinds of fans, and perhaps most important to our interests here, both show off their thickening bods in the same provocative ways. Maybe they're just too alike. Who knows? Who cares? They're a couple of hot singing, dancing and acting triple threats. Which one does their identical bit better by you?


Has Selena got the looks? Of course she does. She's a pretty young thing just like every other 23-year-old pop star out there. Unfortunately, her method to being young and pretty is to be virtually unchanged from her Barney days, at least where her face is concerned. That persistent adolescent look has become a Selena calling card - one that she does her best to overcome, with mixed success. It's a great way to stay young, but not always good for the rest of these categories.

I'm not exactly thrilled with the partial head shave thing Demi has going on now, but she somehow makes it work for her regardless. Demi has the sweetheart face just like Selena, but it's maturing somewhat more normally, which makes a big difference in the overall scheme of things. I'm sure one day in the future, when these two are past it and over the hill, Selena's delayed maturity will be an asset. But for now, it's what makes me more about Demi here.


That says it.→

Seems like a popular lifestyle trend for latter day Millennials is to take it easy where the size of their asses is concerned. Not a whole lot of starvation diets or living at the gym for them. That's probably why both Selena and Demi are rounder now than they were in pics like these from a few years back. Something tells me this trend wont last and one day both of them will go back to these slimmer frames. Skinny or not, I think Demi's got the better all around body.


I wasn't kidding about these two following parallel courses. Take, for instance, how they've both been turning up the heat on their sexy show off routines. It's not unusual to see them going around with ample T&A bulging from tight or loosely fitting shit, both in public and at pretty much every kind of celebrity event they have anything to do with. I wonder what the over-under is on this being the result of two former friends now engaging in a "who's hotter" pissing contest. Even money I think, but I like where this is going.



I wouldn't know who to pick in this category if it was based entirely on their work as singers. I'm sure they both have all sorts of devoted fans out there who love their albums, but I'm not one of them. Selena has a more robust movie career and seems just as devoted to her work there as she is being a singer. I'm more familiar with her work as an actress. And she has more movie roles coming up. Does all that mean Selena is better than Demi here? Maybe, maybe not. All I can say is that Selena is slightly more significant in my sphere of interest. Not high praise, but it will have to do.

Demi does some acting from time to time, but I get the impression that her work as a singer is the bigger draw for Demi fans. I'm sure they love her for it and rightly so. I see her doing a lot of good things with the fame she's earned. However, as someone not up-to-speed on her acting work and even less familiar with her music, I have to go the other way here.


So these two don't talk anymore. That sucks. Not because I care any about their friendship. I don't. It's just unfortunate that they'll probably never do one of their tight pants and titties displays together. How epic would that be? I guess we'll never know. Taken individually, I suppose I like Demi more. But consider me down for either one whenever they're ready to show some skin.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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