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Face Off: Scarlett Johansson vs. Margot Robbie

03.27.2017by: Droz

It was a big win for Elizabeth Banks, triumphing over Gillian Jacobs for last week's Face Off. Probably the right choice, but I still have a soft spot for Gillian. Although soft might not be the right word.

This week marks the arrival of another big budget Scarlett Johansson sci-fi/action movie which goes by the name GHOST IN THE SHELL. You may have heard about it. It's always a big deal when Scarlett finds herself doing sexy shit in a sci-fi movie, mostly because the woman herself is a big deal. This requires any Face Off she participates in to feature an equally big deal in the opposite column. Enter Margot Robbie, who one could argue is following the ScarJo playbook when it comes to superstardom. So consider this one a Battle of the Big Deals. Whose deal is bigger by your standards?


I'm not too crazy about what Scarlett has been doing with her hair as of late. But what can you do? It's her head. She can style it any way she wants. Anyway, it's not like shorter hair is going to change the fact that she is a beautiful woman. And there's always the advanced movie wig technology to counter any problem you or I might have with Scarlett's personal styling choices. Gotta make sure those crimson Black Widow locks stay intact.

Margot might be the most exciting woman in movies today. Part of the reason why she is so exciting is because of her superior looks. I made a correlation between Margot and Scarlett in the opener above which is especially appropriate here, as the excitement Margot generates is very much like what Scarlett inspired when she first started getting big. Doesn't matter what role she plays, girl is always a delight to look at.


Those of you who spent years admiring Scarlett's body are no doubt aware of how circumstances have changed there. From once being all about her rack, we somehow transitioned to obsessions over her ass. It's still confusing to me how this switch happened. One day her generous cleavage just vanished and behind her grew the well rounded ass we know and love today. One could expend a lot of energy trying to figure out how this redistribution of sexy transpired on ScarJo's body. Or you could just go with it. I'm going with the later.

Another direction I always like to explore when comparing hottie bodies is evaluating nude scenes. In this case, such tactics don't quite work, as both Margot and Scarlett's initial nude moments were rather awesome in their own ways. It still feels like I should pick one to win here, so I'm going with Scarlett. Margot is fine as hell, but Scarlett might just be a little bit better. It's definitely a close one for me.


Keep right. →

Do I really need to point out what makes these two hot? It's been obvious Scarlett was hot since the turn of the millennium. Margot's legacy of hotness hasn't been quite as long, but we all learned real quick just how much she has to offer here. By now it's just common knowledge that if you're in demand of two seriously sexy women to boost your box office, you can't go wrong with either Scarlett or Margot.


Of all the things these two have in common. careers might be the most lopsided in Scarlett's favor. Not to suggest Margot isn't a big star or anything. She pretty much ruled 2016 both as a hottie and as a celebrity. Still, it's gonna take some time before she can brag about having Scarlett's level of pop culture synonymy, not to mention her salary expectation.

← Psst, over there...


Margot is the new hottie kid on the block, but ScarJo still reigns supreme where sexy movie icons of today are concerned. It's gonna be awhile before someone manages to topple her from that throne.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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