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Face Off: Diora Baird vs. Sara Malakul Lane

10.26.2015by: Droz

I've been trying to think of a way to get Diora Baird and Sara Malakul Lane into Face Offs for some time now. There just never seemed to be anyone I could put up against either hottie who matched up with them. Then it hit me that they could easily go up against one another. They're beautiful, voluptuous, highly sexual women who aren't afraid to show off all those great characteristics in full bore fashion. Both also seem to be marginalized professionally, perhaps because of that sexual intensity they have in common. That doesn't seem right. Which of these two would you like to take out of the margins?


Diora has always been pretty. Although to be honest, her face isn't really my main focus where she's concerned, at least most of the time. Sure, sometimes she can flash those come hithers in a powerful enough way to make me look away from the good things happening in the lower parts of her. That said, the exotic goodness in Sara's face is far more fascinating to me.

Sara's brand of exotic Eurasian looks is one of my greatest weaknesses where women are concerned. Something about that blend just seems to make the most beautiful women. Sara takes things to an ever more extreme level of swoon by being heavily befreckled. She's also just as skilled at making the sexy eyes as Diora. That's way too much beauty for me to ignore.


It's far too difficult to say whether Diora or Sara's body is better. They're so beautiful and perfectly proportioned in this area, with not a single rib or pelvis bone protruding anywhere. That's not to say that I can't find beauty in most every kind of reasonably proportioned female body. I simply don't get the most out of them until they have the curves like these two.



That →

Come on, look at them. How can I make a call on these two? Especially since they do pretty much the same thing all the time, which is namely hanging their sexier parts out of barely effective clothing whenever they have the opportunity. They're so good at what they do there that selecting out one from the other here would be a terrible injustice to the other. So I wont even try.


Diora and Sara identify themselves as actresses. I suppose that's true in the technical sense. Unfortunately, between Sara's recent softcore porn prison movie or Diora's easily missable bit parts, I have yet to see either of them do anything decent as actors. They do compensate for a lack of acting skill by being superior model eye candy, but I think they cancel each other out there. All things being equal, and without any decent acting gigs to go by here, I'm content to abstain from voting in this category.

←The other thing.


Even if these two aren't exactly burning up the movie screens, they're still sizzling hot in every other respect. Sara's exotic beauty puts her over the top for me here, but they're both unbelievably hot and terribly underutilized hotties.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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