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Face Off: Sandra Bullock vs. Gillian Anderson

07.06.2015by: Droz

Amber Heard had a big win over Emilia Clarke in their Face Off last week. Yeah, I can see that. Love for Emilia is strongest in the GoT fan. Sometimes it's hard to fathom how there could be anyone left who hasn't seen that show or doesn't want to. Amber, on the other hand, is available to everyone, regardless of TV show affiliation. That said, I'm still ever worshipful of my Khaleesi.

Sandra Bullock is lending her voice to the MINIONS movie this week, in the process giving those of you with little kids something you'll have to sit through repeatedly in the months and years to come. Sandra has still got it after all these years, looking cute and sexy like she always has. Another veteran hottie who still retains a considerable amount of her hotness cred is Gillian Anderson, who as we speak is taking up her paranormal investigation duties for a partially revived X-Files series. So heartening to see hotties from my youth like these still retaining a sizable portion of their appeal. Which of these two well preserved hotties do you still keep in your spank bank?


Sandra's sweet face has been a favorite of mine since DEMOLITION MAN. You could hardly find a more adorable girl anywhere than Sandra back then. Fast forward 20 years and she's still got a charm about her. She's not quite the fresh-faced young thing she used to be, but she's adjusted nicely into appealing older woman territory.

Gillian's frumpy look on The X-Files wasn't always the most exciting, but the influence her red locks once had on my formative years were substantial - certainly sufficient to give her my vote here, had she kept them. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling her blonde thing. It just doesn't look right. Like Sandra, Gillian has aged nicely, but I just wish she didn't look so different from those old days.


One can easily find hotties around here with far finer bodies than the ones these two have. My votes aren't so much about the challenge they pose to anyone else in this area, or even to each other. It's more about respect for how well they've held up. Not an easy thing to do past a certain point in life. This kind of longevity will become far more common in years to come, yet for those from Sandra and Gillian's day, it's still an impressive feat.



I'm certain Sandra fans can recall a number of hot moments from her various exploits on the big screen and elsewhere. I've got a few banging around in my head as I type this. Those moments are great, but my favorite thing about Sandra isn't so much about how hot she is, but rather that awkward, vulnerable and offbeat sweetness she brings to so many of her roles. Some sexy will occasionally slip into those roles, but I tend to notice the other stuff more.

Gillian is best known for playing cold fish Agent Scully, which is ironic considering that she's nothing like that in real life. You may have heard about her wild child past and the fact that she's fully content to acquire herself a lady friend from time to time. I find it hard sometimes to separate the person from the character, thus my many imagined scenarios of Scully gettin' it on with another woman. They'd do well to incorporate that into the new season.


I know Sandra has that Oscar, but I wasn't all that big a fan of the movie she won it for. Such is the case for a lot of her movies. In fact, GRAVITY was probably the first movie she's made since some time in the 90s that I could really get into. That's a long time. I don't think Sandra is the problem there. More like Sandra's choices in roles. They've not been my thing.

I used to be on the same level with Gillian's overall career as I am Sandra's. Sure, she's got The X-Files as the biggest feather in her cap, but outside of that there was only an occasional thing here and there. That's all changed in recent years, thanks to Gillian's return to TV work. She's been fantastic on the unfortunately expiring Hannibal, as well as The Fall. I have high hopes for this X-Files revival as well. Clearly TV is where she does her best work.


22 years on and my affections for Gillian are still just as strong as they always were. I'm fond of Sandra too, though mostly for stuff she did 22 years ago. In the here and now, I'm all about Gillian's overall excellent everything.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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