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Face Off: Salma Hayek vs. Jennifer Lopez

08.14.2017by: Droz

When thinking about MILFy Latina celebs over 40 who are holding up better than most women that age could ever dream, you have a few choices. Ladies with a Latin flavor have something inherently youthful in their genes it would seem. Yet even within this demographic, there are standouts among standouts. Two such hotties who defy time about as well as anyone could ever hope go by the names Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. For several years now these two have never failed to please in one way or another, in the process building up quite the impressive collection of spank material. Which timeless, spank-worthy, Latina, MILF puts all these characteristics together just right for you?


I can't honestly judge Salma by keeping my perspective completely based in the present. She's been around too long and brought us way too much goodness here to leave out her early years. That said, recent times have proven fruitful for great Salma beauty moments as well. Some might say she was better back in the day, others that she's never been better than she is now. Past or present, it doesn't really matter. She's a stunner regardless of the year.

Jennifer is beautiful and all and I would never try to argue against her worthiness here. But I gotta be honest and admit what she's got going on above the neck isn't the aspect of her I tend to pay the most attention to. To be fair, she's quite well known for making sure we pay the most attention to all her great qualities farther south - so much so that I wouldn't blame anyone for overlooking the fact that Jen has a pretty face.


It's not an insignificant thing to admit that when I need to call up a picture of the perfect female form, it's more often than not one of Salma's many great nude scenes that comes to mind. Nor is it just a coincidence that when I need an image of an epic set of tits or abundant cleavage, it's almost always Salma's natural gifts there which obsess me. She's hardly ever been far from my thoughts in these respects.

We all know about the ass J-Lo has made famous for 3 decades now. Where full behinds go, there are few more well known than the one beautifully spread out across the top of Jennifer's legs. The rest of her ain't nothing to scoff at neither, but the thing about it is Salma's equally fine ass, supplemented by tits of legend. Jen does indeed have a remarkable rump, but the overall body goodness prize has to go to Salma.


It's silly to come up with some big explanation for why or how Salma and Jennifer are hot. We know they're hot. We know what makes them hot. But, if you have any questions about what their individual qualities of hotness might be, refer to the two pics above for a complete understanding.

← What he said.


Nuff said →

Salma and Jen have had their ups and downs as actresses and whatnot. Salma had her unfortunate flirtation with Sandler movies, while Jennifer has delved way too often into shit romcoms and chick flicks. But then they've also both had their fair share of successes too, sufficient to make them both superstars of the highest order. These good and bad aspects to their careers seem to have happened in about the same amount between them. So I'll not try to praise or condemn one more than the other here.


We show a lot of love to both these women around here, but Salma seems to be one of those hotties who gets more love than most. I see no reason to break with that tradition. She's amazing.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?

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