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Face Off: Salma Hayek vs. Hayley Atwell

01.19.2015by: Droz

No clear winner between Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett in last week's Face Off. Too bad we can't put them together into one person. That would be one formidable hottie.

Our recent coverage of Salma Hayek and Hayley Atwell looking tasty at events and on shows like Agent Carter has got me thinking that these two would make for an interesting Face Off. After all, they've both got those especially sexy, curvy qualities that set them apart and help make them the popular hotties they are. I'm quite fond of them both, which makes choosing between them a real challenge for me. How hard is it for you to pick one of these buxom beauties? Make the tough calls below.


Rough choice right off the bat. It's been common knowledge for years that Salma is one of the more gorgeous women in film or anywhere. Were most anyone else up against her here, I'd probably give Salma this category in an easy decision. However, the special feelings I have for Hayley are undeniable.

The passion I have for Hayley is more than just an appreciation for her looks. Sure, she's beautiful, maybe more beautiful than many. Yet my feelings for her aren't about whether or not she's pretty. I find Hayley gorgeous even when she's not trying to be - perhaps even more so at those times. That's not a perspective I share with many others, which makes her all the more special to me.


There's something for everyone to love in Salma's now legendary body. It's certainly inspired more than a few hard-ons for me over the years. Beyond her obvious visual appeal is the extraordinary longevity she has enjoyed in this area. Such an impressive legacy, complete with countless titty shots, tight dress moments and every other kind of hot body display one could ever want, demands respect.

The English do seem to love their curvaceous hotties. That's probably because they have such a special knack for growing them that way over there. As someone who has a similar love for such ladies, Hayley in particular, there's no way someone so gloriously full-hipped and overflowing with cleavage wouldn't be right up there at the top of my list of beloved bodies.


Hard to make a case against Salma's hotness, nor would I ever try to do so. The woman is so hot she's blistering. That, along with the visual evidence conveyed by gifs like the one above, say everything one needs to say on that subject.

You've probably known Hayley as Agent Carter since the first CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. Yet as an English actress, in English productions, she's shown a special knack for super hot sex scenes. If all you've known her for is her Marvel work, do get yourself up to speed on Hayley's talents at getting plowed on screen via this bonerific retrospective.


Salma's recent involvement with the insidious Sandler movie problem is not the sort of thing I ever expected from her. I'm sure colluding in his regularly churned out shit pays okay, but it doesn't do anything for my opinion of her work. Fortunately for Salma, she has a number of good past roles to fall back on and more promising things to come. I just hope she doesn't have any Sandler relapses.

I enjoy Hayley as Agent Carter. She's successfully made the role her own on more than one occasion and she will do so again, not only on the TV show but also in at least two more movies. As good as Hayley is in the role, I fear it's going to get her typecast. That would be a shame, as I've enjoyed much of her non-Marvel work and would very much like to see her in more stuff to come.


I came close to reaching a tie vote on this one. After all, Salma has been a top tier hottie for years. Hard to argue with that kind of legacy. Then again, Hayley goes beyond simple hotness for me and into something approaching infatuation. We all have that special someone who we just click with. That's how I feel about Hayley.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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