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Face Off: Rose Byrne vs. Yvonne Strahovski

05.05.2014by: Droz

There was a slight voting advantage for Nina Agdal over Barbara Palvin in last week's Face Off. Not many votes put up on that one. Too tough a call, perhaps? Now you know how I feel with most of these Face Offs.

We got a couple of hot Aussies coming out with some new material this week. Rose Byrne has her movie NEIGHBORS premiering in theaters this Friday. While her fellow countrywoman Yvonne Strahovski stars in the new iteration of 24: Live Another Day on Monday. These are two actresses alike and not-so-alike in various ways. That makes them good candidates for a Face Off. So which of this week's prolific Aussie hotties do you enjoy more?


There's a kind of sweet sadness about Rose's face that has always appealed to me. She's got a quality about her when she's upset or afraid that's particularly powerful. Those big doe eyes welling up with pain stimulates my protective male instinct, making me just as eager to hug it out with her as I am to jump her bones. Not too many hotties out there can do that to me.

Yvonne's clearly nothing to scoff at in this category. I'm not much for blondes, but she's one of the few blondes who I do enjoy despite any issues I have with her hair color. If she loses here, it's only because of my emotional connection to Rose's mug. Other than that, there's nothing about Yvonne that couldn't please those who love a pretty face.


I love Rose's face, but unfortunately her on again, off again dalliance with whatever she does to get herself way too skinny does little for me. I wont make any accusations about how she gets so thin, but the result is a physique that doesn't suit her. I know celebs often get outside pressure to do such things to themselves, but I wish Rose wouldn't listen. She's so much better when she keeps herself natural.

On the other hand, I love Yvonne's body. What's not to love? If there was ever a body built to please the widest audience, it's hers. Nothing too over-the-top about her proportions - just plenty of great curves with long and lean shapes. Yvonne's skill at showing off that great body doesn't hurt her here either.


Rose has had plenty of great sex scenes and photo spreads over the years that prove she can be plenty hot when she wants to be. That's not my default perspective of her though. It doesn't feel like that's where she lives. It seems like such things are more a function of certain roles she plays and pictures she takes. For me her sweetness takes precedence, with a few noteworthy exceptions.

I suppose if nude scenes were the standard for hotness, it should be Rose with the win here. Yvonne has yet to go full on naked, although she has come very, very close a few times. Despite that, sexy moments seem to come much more naturally to Yvonne. Seeing her flash those eyes and rock that hot body is more than sufficient to make me forget that she has yet to take it off.


I've not had much to complain about with the mostly supporting stuff Rose has been up to over the years, but neither was it all that mind-blowing either. That situation has changed over the last few years when Rose started to expand out into good dramas like Damages and funny comedies like GET HIM TO THE GREEK and BRIDESMAIDS. The later were especially good, as I had no idea she had such a knack for comedy. I like it when actors can surprise me.

Like most folks I first became fascinated with Yvonne on Chuck. playing Sarah Walker, the hot CIA agent and Chuck's love interest. Then of course there was Dexter, where she was the also sexy black widow Hannah McKay, who for a time pumped fresh blood into that decaying series. Now she's doing the same for another well tread premise, this time with 24's new iteration. For me, it doesn't matter how old or new the production. I like what Yvonne does and how she does it.


It's apropos that Yvonne plays so many spies and femme fatales. She's got that air about her. I love the look of both these hotties as well as what they do, but I'm apparently a little more partial to Yvonne. And I'm cool with that.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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