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Face Off: Rose Byrne vs. Rachel McAdams

06.01.2015by: Droz

Seemed as though ya'll were split fairly equally into Alexandra Daddario and Gemma Arterton camps for last week's Face Off. Closely matched hotties like these do seem to elicit those kinds of hung jury situations. I sympathize. I'd be hopelessly torn as well, were I asked to make an actual, consequential choice between them.

Both Rose Byrne and Rachel McAdams have stuff out or coming out soon. Rose has her goofy-looking comedy SPY and Rachel her movies ALOHA and SOUTHPAW as well as the new season of True Detective coming up in a few weeks. I don't know how good any of those things are, but I'm sure Rose & Rachel will make the experience better somehow. They do that in many different kinds of ways with their roles. They can be the cute and vulnerable ones, or the serious and deep ones. They can play hard asses and bitches and sluts and so on with aplomb. Two talented ladies for sure. Also hot ones. Which talented and hot actress do you like more?


There's something about Rose and the pretty, pouty thing she has happening that I adore. She's got one of those faces that's universally pretty. You may like a totally different kind of woman, but you still have to admit that Rose is beautiful. She's almost too pretty. Sometimes I can't see her in a role because she's way prettier than anyone I've seen do that job or be that kind of person. But there are far worse drawbacks to have in life.

I think of Rachel as girlfriend pretty, which is to say that she looks like a woman one might actually find in real life. That sounds like a knock against her, but it's a nice thing in that it makes her seem real. Angelic-looking faces like Rose's are few and far between. Girlfriend pretty women like Rachel are much more obtainable. She's still way out of my league, but maybe not for folks not so far removed from me. I might be more dazzled by Rose's glitz, but I don't deny Rachel's down to earth goodness.


Rose has the face, but for a long time her body wasn't really on my radar. Not until she was the willingly desecrated vestal virgin in TROY did I understand her value here, despite the fact that Brad Pitt's admittedly perfect ass was hogging much the of screen time in their sex scenes. In the last few years I've come to appreciate what Rose has got here, but between these two I'm still more about Rachel's body.

I find the various celebrity circles are literally stuffed with unsung asses. Rachel's is one such butt. Girl has one of the finest backsides out there. Her overall tight bod is a true thing of beauty, but she really makes miracles happen in the tush department. Watching that thing bounce and jiggle during those times she's shown it off is a hypnotic experience few others can equal.


Like with her body, I was for some time similarly uninformed about Rose's capabilities for hotness. I always thought of her as the pretty face - the pretty face quite often in trouble or sad or scared. I suppose the damsel in distress might be hot to some, but I like a little more assertiveness in my hotties. Then I saw Rose in GET HER TO THE GREEK and everything changed for me. Girl proved her hotness to me with that one.

It's funny because I don't much care for many of the characters Rachel plays. Yet despite my dislike for them and their personalities, I have to admit that I've almost always found them hot regardless. That may be my persistent glutton for punishment talking, or maybe my ability to see the good in the bad. In real life Rachel has a sweetness about her I find just as attractive, but again, there's that body. She's a damn sexy thing.


Rose has a more varied amount of stuff in her CV than Rachel. She's got the romantic fluff in there, but she's also done comedies like SPY, sci-fi movies, some horror stuff, period pieces, as well as superhero movies like the currently filming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Where actual acting skills go, I don't think either one is better than the other here. Rose's taste in roles is better, by my standards anyway.

Way too many sappy, romantic things in Rachel's career for my taste. That's too bad, because she is a decent actress. I'd like to see her go in some different directions, which she does do every once in a while. Take the new season of True Detective as an example. This show is one of the more grittier-looking things I've seen her do. I hope it works out for her. I also hope they get her in one of those amazing nude scenes this season.


I was smitten with Rose pretty much from the moment I saw her. Rachel took a little longer, but she caught up fast. In the end I think I like Rose's movies more, yet on a pure looks alone basis, they balance out nicely.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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