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Face Off: Rosanna Arquette vs. Patricia Arquette

01.21.2013by: Droz
Pretty much everybody agreed that in the battle between Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz, Penelope comes out on top. I'm glad you guys could figure out a winner. Choosing between these two is like trying to decide between two identical Ferraris. No way for me to choose.

This week in our third and final Battle of the Sisters, we're getting into the way back machine and making a couple stops in the 80s and 90s so that we might explore the heyday of the sisters we're comparing. It's been awhile since Rosanna Arquette and her sister Patricia Arquette were in their hottie prime. But that's okay, because thanks to the internet and it's abundance of imagery, we can still go back and appreciate them at their respective plateaus. This week's Face Off should also prove more definitive as, unlike our other sister comparisons, these two are different people both in physical appearance and their careers. So which Arquette sister was/is your favorite? Let's reminisce about it.


It's kind of hard to select a winner here because, even though I wouldn't call either of these two ugly, they're not exactly traditional beauties either. They've got those faces that can change depending on the angle or the lighting. That being said, I've always had a thing for Rosanna's face. She's one of those women whose unusual features shouldn't work, but somehow still do no matter how far she strays from what some might consider conventional beauty.

Patricia is similar in that she also doesn't always come across as the typical beautiful face. Sometimes she's a knockout, sometimes not so much. Back in the day, which is that indeterminate time in the past from which I'm drawing my conclusions, I always thought she was cute. Perhaps not as cute as her sister though, which is why she comes in second here.


It wouldn't be difficult to say that these two are sisters in name only, as their bodies are just as different as their faces. Rosanna's take on the Arquette genes has made her the super fit hottie with the gorgeous rack and supple ass. I'd go so far as to say that Rosanna had the finest body of the 80s. That's a bold statement, considering the degree of fine, female flesh that decade produced, but I stand by it.

Patricia is different in that she was always the more thicker variety of Arquette. Not that it ever did her any harm. She wore her fuller figure well. I always recall that line from TRUE ROMANCE when Clarence describes her as tasting like a peach. Patricia circa 1993 was quite the succulent dish, very easily comparable to a ripe piece of fruit. I wasn't the only one who wanted to take a bite out of her back then.


In addition to being a hot-bodied, unconventional beauty, Rosanna also had an allure about her that was infectious. Maybe it was something in those full, pouty lips or the fact that she often played characters with the kind of offbeat, quirky vibe many a guy like me finds infinitely charming. Whatever it was, Rosanna was the kind of woman most men could easily lust after. Which is probably why she's got a song named after her.

I like the look of Patricia just as much as her sister, but I have sometimes found it a little more difficult to connect with her in the capacity of a sexual creature. She doesn't seem very comfortable in that role. Patricia often does the quirky cute thing, similar to her sister, though hers is more of an awkward quirky. Sometimes that's hot, sometimes it's annoying. Either way, she looks the hotness role, but she doesn't often play it very well.


We have an interesting situation with these two sisters, as I find that both their careers can be boiled down by individual movies in their resumes. While I've seen a lot of Rosanna's movies, it's her role in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN as Roberta, the housewife with amnesia caught up in 80s New York subculture, that I associate with her the most. It's a film that typifies much of her offbeat career. Some of those movies I like, some not so much.

Patricia's main claim to fame for me was her already mentioned role in TRUE ROMANCE which, like her sister's films, says something about her and her career. Patricia tends to be more mainstream, with perhaps a little less range outside the awkward or sexually charged roles. I'm not any more taken with Patricia's body of work as a whole, but there are individual movies in her resume that are much more my thing.


I have fond memories of both the Arquette sisters, but Rosanna Arquette always had a quality about her that appealed to me, even if her movies didn't always do the same. Rosanna might not have been a typical hottie, but she was hot nonetheless.

That's my choice. Which one do you like?


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