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Face Off: Renee Olstead vs. Debby Ryan

04.13.2015by: Droz

Ya'll gave Nathalie Emmanuel the win over Sophie Turner in last week's Face Off. No doubt about it, she is hot. Don't be surprised if the vote count shifts in Sophia's favor should she show any skin on this season of GoT.

You may have seen the previews for Renee Olstead's supernatural social media slasher UNFRIENDED. I honestly can't think of anything I'm less interested in seeing. However, Renee herself has been a reliable source for all kinds of eye candy goodness with her fine, curvy self. She does get some competition from Debby Ryan, who's rocking sufficient sexiness in her curves to rival Renee's. Two young hotties who seem to understand the value of being the filled out and beautifully stacked hotties they are, but which of these two ladies stacks higher in your estimation?


Renee has always been cute enough. I wouldn't call her my very favorite beauty of them all, but I've never had a problem with her. I'm not too crazy about the bleached, glammed up look she's taken on lately. I don't understand the thinking process that makes a natural redhead like Renee want to ruin such a good thing with any other hair color, but that seems to be where she's at now. Hopefully she gets over that soon.

I used to be somewhat unsettled by Debby's baby face, which she's still got to a degree. Lately she has begun to develop a little more maturity to her beauty. And, unfortunately, she's also recently joined Renee in abandoning her usual auburn locks, first for my bitterly despised blonde and then some sort of purple concoction. I hear switching things up like that is enjoyable for the ladies and that's nice enough for them, but not so much for folks like me who fancied them more the other way. Nothing to do about it I guess. We just gotta hope they come back to their senses soon.


I don't see much of a difference between these two here. They're both nicely stacked and seem to stand equally formidable in various other areas of their anatomy which one might justifiably call well rounded. Clearly a hands on approach to this issue would produce a definitive winner. Unfortunately that's not going to happen, so I'm gonna split my vote between them here.

← What he said.


There's plenty of great shots of Renee out there to prove her hotness cred, but is it mean to say that she gets my vote here thanks to those leaked pics? Yeah, it's was f*cked up that some creep hacked her phone, but what came of that was persuasive evidence of Renee's penchant for freakiness. That wasn't a huge revelation, what with the showy flirtatiousness she engaged in long before the leak. Nor is that kind of heightened sexuality all that unusual anymore. Still, it was nice to see suspicions confirmed there.

It's not unheard of to see Debby sporting some kind of a low cut premiere dress or posing in a tasty photo spread like the one above. I'm pretty sure Renee has her beat where quantities of such material are concerned. That's a shame, because Deb has a lot to offer in this area. She has reached the point when breaking out of that Disney wholesomeness pigeonhole is a necessary career move. What better way to do that than to follow in the footsteps of former Disney jail bait and let loose the T&A? Think about it, Debby.


I'm pretty much flipping a coin on this one, as I wouldn't call myself anything like a fan of what these two do. Renee has been around longer has a more varied career, with both film and TV experience. I've also seen a few of the things she's been in. I can't say the same for Debby.

Doing only TV is not a sin as far as an actor's career goes. There are a number of fine actors who only do TV. Unfortunately, going down the list of Debby's work, I'm fairly certain there's not one thing in there that I've seen. That's also not a sin. She simply appeals to a different demographic than mine. Still doesn't do any favors for my vote.


I might not like the new hair, but that doesn't stop Renee from being the choice babe she is. Debby is plenty hot too, maybe just as hot as her competitor, but Renee heats things up just a little bit better where my vote is concerned.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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