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Face Off: Rashida Jones vs. ZoŽ Kravitz

06.15.2015by: Droz

No definitive winner in last week's Face Off between Kat Dennings and Melissa Rauch. That's as it should be. Two women with beautiful, curvy bodies and nice racks - you can't go wrong with either one.

This week both Rashida Jones and ZoŽ Kravitz have their movies INSIDE OUT and DOPE coming out. Those two come with a few things in common, besides having new movies premiering. They're both hot, obviously. They're also both daughters to musical big shot dads and hot actress moms. Similarities aside, it's unlikely these two could ever be confused with one another. But between them there's something for most anyone to enjoy. Which of these two similar and dissimilar beauties is better by your estimation?


Rashida is adorable on multiple levels. She's got that sweet face, which is wonderful to be sure. She also has a sweetness in her attitude and the way she carries herself that's just as beautiful to me. She's a cherry, upbeat by nature cutie pie. That's a quality that seems to endure with Rashida, no matter what she's up to. I don't think I could ever find her unlikable.

ZoŽ is beautiful when she wants to be. That's probably an arrogant thing to say. After all, who am I to tell ZoŽ when she's beautiful and when she isn't? Still, the whole septum ring in the nose bit is unattractive to me, as is the bitch face issue she seems to have much of the time. Perhaps all that is exactly how ZoŽ likes to be, but it doesn't do much for me.


Rashida has a great body - maybe just as good as ZoŽ's. Unfortunately she hasn't demonstrated much interest in showing it off, with a few exceptions here and there. She usually comes across fairly modest where her dress goes. That's fine for her, but not so much for my choice in this category. ZoŽ, on the other hand, can't seem to keep her clothes on. I like that attitude more.

I hate to be an ageist, but I imagine that ZoŽ's 26-year-old ass is probably doing better than Rashida's almost 40-year-old one. I could be wrong there, but that's usually the case with such things. Anyway, ZoŽ is much more fond of showing her younger ass off in ways I think we can all enjoy. I know I appreciate the hell out of it.


Not making much a spectacle out of herself doesn't hurt Rashida's hotness for me. Sure, she strips down to something minimal once in a while, but it's clear her sex symbol status isn't what she wants people to know her for. Rashida seems to feel like she's more than mere T&A. I agree. She's a smart person, Harvard educated. I find those brains of hers just as hot as her boobs.

ZoŽ inherited that sultry vibe her mom used to have. They're both really good at giving you those totally turned on come hither eyes. It also doesn't hurt that lately ZoŽ has been showing off her bare body goodness in all sorts of things. You can make eyes all damn day, but if you're not willing to take that to the next logical step, then you're just a tease. ZoŽ doesn't tease much.


Most of the time I'm just happy to see Rashida doing anything. Even if the movie or show sucks, she remains fun to look at. There are a few things in her resume that I really enjoy. Shows like Parks & Rec and The Office were great. She's also been a minor cast member in many other things I liked. She's currently writing the script for the 4th TOY STORY movie. That's a big deal for sure, but I'd much rather see her doing more great stuff in front of the camera.

I don't get nearly the same happy feeling from watching ZoŽ do her thing as I do Rashida. Don't get me wrong, she's nice to look at. She's also done a number of movies in recent years I enjoyed. Unfortunately, I don't find ZoŽ as likable as her competitor here. Even when she's supposed to be likable, it just doesn't ring true to me. She's got a naturally downbeat air about her. Maybe that's your thing, but I prefer Rashida's upbeat atmosphere.


This one is something like a battle of generations. Gen-X vs. Millenials. I don't have allegiance to either side there. Hot is hot as far as I'm concerned. In this case I'm going with the hottie from my generation. I've been smitten with Rashida for years - probably way longer than most folks. ZoŽ is sexy for certain, but also a little moody for my tastes. Give me the beautiful blithe one any day of the week.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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